Germany · postcrossing



I have to say I love this postcard! It’s definitely something special. It has a quote from Albert Einstein, and it says: You cannot solve a problem with the same CONSCIOUSNESS with which you created it. I’m a lover of quotes, and this postcard came to me at the right moment. · postcrossing


Warsaw , Poland

On this wonderful card, it says this is “Bluzka damska” which means woman shirt. It is from the XIX/XX century and it is traditional Polish clothing. Adrian says to me at the end of the postcard: “I hope you like the card, It shows the late fashion here,” Yes, Adrian, I like it. A lot. Thank you! 

Germany · postcrossing


Deutschland ist schön ( Germany is beautiful)

This is a postcard from postcrossing, from Marina. She lives in the middle of Germany and likes hiking, reading and gardening. I like the colors of the German flag in the background, and I also love the territory of Germany filled with pictures of landscapes inside. There’s also a picture of a beer inside. I haven’t been to Germany to try their beer, but if I go there, that will be the first thing I will do. Thank you Marina. I love this card!

direct swap · USA

Direct swap #5

USA – Millennium park and Chicago skyline 

It’s a direct swap from Lauren, written on 12.11.2015. She doesn’t say much, just asking if I’m fine (yes, I’m very well, thank you Lauren) and she adds that this park in Chicago is quite famous and many concerts are held there. Thank you for the amazing postcard!


Handmade Unique Postcard from Australia

Handmade postcard from Australia
I like this postcard because it’s so unique. It also has a stamp with a koala and another one with Cape Leeuwin WA. The faces on the postcard are probably cut from some magazine, and they are glued on a paper. I think that’s very creative. Thank you for the postcard !