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Temple of Heaven – Beijing, China

Temple of Heaven – Beijing, China 

It is this amazing temple in China, and I love it. It reminds me of Mulan, when they trained there, even though I’m not sure if it’s the same temple. 

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coloring owl card from Korea

Grace (teawithmarch) again, 
with this lovely coloring owl card from Korea.

I can’t wait to start coloring it hehe 😀

direct swap · USA

South Carolina map

I adore this card, Heidy. It’s amazing. 
It’s so cute and special.
I aslo love the fact about Pluto: Pluto has ice made out of water and a blue sky.
Neat indeed haha 
I also have to mention the stamps with the tiger. I love them.


direct swap · USA

Cute card from the USA

Lisa, thank you for the amazing card. I love it. 
It’s so cute and adorable and I love the colors.

direct swap · USA

Cute kittly card from the USA

Britt, I love this card! The kitty on the card is so adorable. 
I also love the fact about the cats: A cat has 300 million neuron in their cerebral cortex. 
WOW. Thank you so much!