Always a child in my heart


Don’t forget to always stay a child in your heart!

Sometimes I think about growing up. And no, it doesn’t scare me, it’s just… it’s not how I imagined life. I don’t want worries and fears about tomorrow.

I want a life, like a child has. Not to worry about a single thing, just to live each day like it is the last one! Laugh a lot, do crazy stuff, buy an RV and travel the world. Quit your job, which doesn’t make you happy and go around the world and do what you always wanted to do. Sing, dance, laugh, paint, cook…

And sometimes you realise, you always have the child inside. It is here even now. The childlish me made me write all of this now. Made me think about going somewhere far away and be happy. It is always here that kid we have, we just need to stop for a second and listen…

What does it say?


Giveaway : Monkey drawing postcard


It’s giveaway Saturday!!!

Be the first one to comment here on my blog and get the chance to receive this upside down monkey drawing postcard – written and stamped, all the way from Skopje, Macedonia.

P. S: I don’t usually draw monkeys, but if they are your favourite animal, or you just love any kind of postcards, I have a lovely news for you!


There is this thing about clouds… (postcard)


There is this thing about clouds, something so sad about them…

Whenever I think of clouds, I think of people. Those sad people that won’t let us in their lives, that won’t let us see the light they have because of their shield, just like when the clouds cover the sun. They make that shield so they don’t get hurt again, so they don’t feel the same pain they felt over and over again. Because it hurts… A lot…  It makes them cry silently, when no one sees them…  Sometimes they cry loudly, like when it’s pouring outside, because the pain they feel is so big and intense, of being hurt so many times…

But sometimes, magic happens. Some people call it love. It shines so bright and the shield of the cloud can’t bear the light anymore. The shield is down, and you can see the light coming out slowly. You can see the rainbow forming itself in the person’s soul. And yes, it’s going to hurt again. But this time, it will be worth it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have shined so bright…


A flower postcard ready to go out in the wild


I made a new postcard today. It is this flower one, that is all ready to go out in the wild and make someone happy. I don’t usually draw flowers, and now I realize I maybe should have spent more time on drawing flowers, since this drawing really calmed me down while I drew it.

What do you think about it?


Tigers from UK and Canada

My favorite animal is a tiger, and the Karate Club in Skopje where I practice karate is called Tiger. 
I couldn’t separate these two cards. And I love them so much!
The first one is from /u/Jaymazing from the UK , with lots of stamps on the back. 


The second one is from /u/DoomKitty91 from Calgary, Canada. 
I love the fun experience you had with the mother and the child at the zoo, but what she did was cruel. I’d never tell my child that the lion is a tiger so it would be happy haha 😀