direct swap · Romania

Love letters from Romania

Thanks to Marius, I got these three love letters from Romania.

I love them so much, and I’ll keep them for the next Valentine’s day, so I can send them to my special guy. 

Thank you so much!

Canada · direct swap

A letter or a card?

/u/SamuriShan I love this card – letter – somewhere in between hehe 

It is so original and special and it means so much to me. I also love all the stickers inside the envelope and I keep re-reading it over and over again! 


direct swap · USA

Have fun with this $100 bill I taped to this card (USA)

Thank you /u/zennet for making me laugh out loud on this card!

But, I didn’t got the bill? Did you forget it? hehe 😀

I also love the stamps. So, so amazing and awesome! 

India · postcrossing


Birds from the Himalayas. 

I love this card, and I adore this bird. It’s the slaty-blue flycatcher and it is very common in the Himalayas. 

direct swap ·

What the hell are we doing here?

Mida kuradit me siin teeme? ( What the hell are we doing here?)

I love this card from a local artist in Estonia. It is so funny, how penguins are put in a forest, and I love the humor this artist has. 

Thank you /u/metalohe , this is my first card from Estonia! I love it!