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Cutest Christmas card ever (Belarus)

Thanks to Lena, I got this lovely card from this old man of which I’m not sure whether it’s Santa or not, reading some mail on Christmas Eve. I adore this card, and it brought me a lot of joy.

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Wonderful postcard from Belarus. I especially love the stamp with the flower! Thank you, Olga.

Belarus · postcrossing


Minsk, Belarus


 Not because of the Christmas theme, but because of someone really special. The one that sent it. Can you imagine, it’s a 6 year-old boy. He shares my name too – Ivan. His mom helps him write the postcards (you’re an amazing mom). He loves reading, watching cartoons and playing board and computer games. He likes cycling, climbing trees, swimming and skating. He goes to school from September and he loves winter. His favorite holiday is New Year and his birthday is in January. Ivan, you’re such an amazing boy, Thank you for the lovely postcard.

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This postcard reminds Kseniya of winter and of all the fun winter holds. Well, Kseniya, I agree with you. And even though right now we don’t have snow in Skopje, I am very happy and excited about the idea of winter. Thank you about the wonderful gloves and the kind words. Happy postcrossing !