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Summer Palace – China


China Dandan.JPG

Thanks to Dandan, and to the driect swap with him, I got this amazing card from Beijing, China.

It is a card from the long corridor in the Summer Palace, which is found in the 18th century and it is famous for its length (728m) with more than 14000 paintings on it.  I love how special that sounds, and it is a really hard work, if you think of it. Imagine all the time needed to construct this.

Dandan, I  am so glad you told me about your first  baby, which is now 4 months old, I guess? It is so lovely that she brought you so much happiness and became your angel. I felt the same exact thing when my sister was born. I was 7 years old then, but it was a new change to our life, and she made a huge impact on me. She still does 😀

Thank you so much! 


China · direct swap

Postcards from Tibet – China

Thanks to Zhang Guan Jun, The first one is a postcard from a Tibetan old man, and every year there are devout believers to worship to the potala palace, which you can see on the second card. I really love these postcards!

China · direct swap

Harry Potter postcards from China

Thanks to my instagram swap, I got Harry Potter postcards from jiaji_swap from China. I got two cards from Hermione and one card of Harry, Ron and Hermione together. I love these cards <3

China · direct swap

Pandas from China

Card with pandas from China, thanks to the landscapist – Chen Xiao. 
I adore them! Thank you!

China · direct swap

Bunch of postcards from China

Thanks to Khang, I got this bunch of postcards from China and the Chinese characteristics. 

About this card, it had an explanation on the back about what is it, but unfortunately, it’s in Chinese, so there is no way for me to understand it. But it is beautiful.

This is the wall of China, and on the card says Autumn of Mutianyu, so I guess the picture is taken from that place.

And here’s a postcard of these cute pandas doing.. just hugging eachother. They are still adorable to me though. 

Lovely postcard of people flying a kite. It’s is really amazing kite, this one, I love it. It looks like a real bird indeed,

This is a card of the famous dragon festival , where the boats race. It’s my second card with the festival, and I really like it.