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Le Tarn-et-Garonne

Amandine, this is a lovely photo!

Thanks to postcrossing again, I got FR-662417, a postcard from France. I love this photograph so much. The trees and the river seem so pure and untouched, and it make wonder about travelling there. France has a lovely nature. I’ve seen it for so long. Especially the fields with lavender in south France… So amazing!

Amandine, I wanted to study pedagogy. Something about the kids always thrilled me. I have spent hours and hours reading about it, and trying to figure out their psychology and how the brain works, not only for the kids, but for adults too. Freud has been my friend for so long. He’s my favorite, I must say. There is something about people that entertains me so much. How their brain works? Why do they think what they think and many other questions that I still can’t understand. It just thrills me.

Thank you for the amazing card!



France · postcrossing

Lille, France – a place for everyone

Even though I spent a lot of time in France, I spent them mostly on the French Riviera, where Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Mougines, Valbonne and Antibes are settled.

I didn’t have an opportunity to visit places like Lille, that hold a rich variety of culture and different monuments that are a must for every tourist. The special thing about Lille is that it became french with the King Louis XIV in 1667.

I hope one day, I’ll have a chance to visit it, and until then, I’ll just admire this FR-657853 postcard from the DuDu Family .


direct swap · France

Direct swap #51

Lovely card from France

Thanks to Kevin from France, I received this wonderful postcard with the cute elephant. Elephants never forget, right? And I love the art and the way the paper feels when you touch it with your fingers. Also, thank you for the wonderful words. Never stop writing. It’s a part of you that no one can take away from you. Never shut down your creative side. 

France · postcrossing


Disney card from France

Thanks to Oliver, I got this Disney card from The Little Mermaid collection from the 1989. I am a really lucky person. It also has an amazing stamp from the “Aeroport Charles De Gaulle” . Oliver, thank you so much!

France · postcrossing


La Rochelle, France

In France now it’s autumn and it’s raining. La Rochelle is a nice historic and touristic city. I’ve never been to La Rochelle, but I’ve been in South France, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, Mougins. I love France and it has been a lovely experience to spend two summers there, with people I love, and people I met that I’ll never forget! This is also one of my favorite postcards, because it reminds me of a wonderful time spent in France.