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Goals in life

Before I start talking about goals in life, what is actually life? When do we know that we live? Does every person live, or some of them just come and go, without ever living?


We are all born and we all spend our lives here, on Earth. But some of us don’t live their lives. We all pass through the same stages of life, we are all children and we all love to play, and then we just grow up, and we have different aspirations in life, different ideas and opinions, and different goals, of which I’ll speak today.

Does it means that you’ve lived, if you actually live like others tell you? Does it count as living if you never get to do all those stuff that you thought are amazing and special? Do you actually live, if you’re not happy while you’re living?

I don’t think so.

I think a person lives at that moment when he starts achieving his goals. And we all have different goals. Lara, for example, the girl that sent me this postcard, loves bikes and she has a mountain one. But she wants to have a bike that she can actually drive in the city. I want to go and travel the world with my boyfriend, and live in a small cottage around nature and river and a lot of trees and a fireplace in my home, and read lots of books and drink tea. Many people want to have good jobs and families, and live nice, and those are great goals. Some of them want to travel. visit random places, or be popular and earn a lot of money.

And it doesn’t matter what our goals are. What matters in the end, is that we are happy with what we are doing, because then we are happy with our life. Then we truly live. We could live on this planet and do nothing, but where are the benefits of that? Where is the excitement of life and all the adventures we could have? Where is the love, and where is the happiness?

It is all gone, without our goals. 🙂

Germany · postcrossing

I want to be a fairy! Or, maybe not…

I was looking at this postcard and I though, I want to be a fairy. But something else happened meanwhile…


I saw my high-school teacher yesterday at the book fair. She told me a story that happened at her class. A girl took a flower, and destroyed it with her pen. She had a bad day, she said. And that was all her explanation. My teacher is just like me. She does care about things that some people find as irrelevant. She cares about what people think and feel, and why they feel that way. What made them think this or that way, and why do they act or don’t act at all.

She is so curious, about our feelings, our thoughts, about life. She asks a lot of questions, and I love having those conversations with her. She was wondering why would someone want to destroy a flower.

Now I am looking at the picture again, and I’m thinking… I don’t want to be a fairy anymore. I want to be a flower.

Yes, I might get destroyed with that pen. Yes, I can’t fly like the fairy has. But I will still be gentle and shy, and beautiful. I will remain untouched by nature, and I will shine. I will give love back when others give me love, and I will smell good. I will be rare, and who knows, maybe I’ll get destroyed faster than the other ones.

And then again, I maybe want to be a fairy too. I don’t even know myself.They both seem so gentle and shy and precious. They both seem to be peaceful and caring, and they both seem to have wings, real or imaginary ones. Either way, I would be spreading love and enjoy life without a worry. Either way, I will be happy.

Germany · postcrossing

Why “Die Mosel von Trier bis Koblenz” made me sad

There have been many posts in which I’ve said how much I adore postcrossing. I discovered the site so randomly, well, I didn’t even search for it. It just came to me by itself. If somebody asks, I still don’t know how I found out about postcrossing, but I know how much I love it and how much fun it brought me during these months. 

Today postcrossing made me sad. I received this beautiful postcard. One of the few long ones that I have, and also from Germany, a country that I love. 

Apparently, DE-5105480 is Jo’s last card, because he decided to close his postcrossing account in June 2016. This made me think…

How many times I’ve been sad and mail came. How many times I’ve checked my e-mail to find out people received my card and  it helped them. It’s such a nice feeling that the quotes I put inside the card helped them make the right decision and even months after, they keep messaging me to thank me over and over again. 

That’s why Jo, I love the card, but I am so sad it is your last one from postcrossing.I don’t know the reason, but I am really sorry people would no more have the opportunity to get such beautiful cards from Germany like I did today…



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Life goals


Sabine, you made me think of my life goals with this card.

I don’t want to have to wake up at the same place every day, and get dressed and go to work, and then do all the routine stuff all over again, every day of life.

I want to buy an RV, and travel the world. Spend every single day in a different city, without worries about tomorrow or regrets about yesterday.

I want my stories to be written on the pages of my passport and to collect as much memories as possible, and save them all for my grandchildren.

I want to be free. And I want to be happy. And this postcard made me imagine myself happy and free, with the beautiful landscapes of the Bruny Island in Tasmania.

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How much I miss the green parks


A DE-5030848 postcrossing card from Germany.

It made me think how I miss the green parks. I have been so busy lately, that I have no time to go to a park like this and just admire the nature. I am sure all of us do it. I go to university, then practice, then study, then travel, and I have no time to just sit on some bench and relax myself. It’s all in a hurry, and I often forget the purpose of life.