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Pikachu (Pokemon) postcard drawing

Pika Pika 

Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. It is so cute and adorable, and his “Pika Pika” is irresistible. What do you think about it? · sent

Tinkerbell – Take me to Neverland (Peter Pan)

I heard you like Peter Pan. And if you like Peter Pan, you gotta love Tinkerbell. 

When I was a little girl, I wanted to go to Neverland. I watched the cartoon again and again, and I wished I was Wendy so, so much. I wanted someone to come and take me and we’d go to some island and be free and never grow up, just like in Neverland.

As I grew up, I realized that Neverland is possible. It isn’t a place which you can invent, or make it, or go there. It’s the feeling of freedom, which you have. The happiness you feel when you’re free, and that makes you feel alive! Neverland is always inside you!

This drawing postcard still doesn’t have a receiver. It will stay at my home in Macedonia, until I find someone that has Neverland in themselves, and believes in fairies <3

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I wished for you, by the way…

I made this yesterday night, while I was thinking about someone and I got the idea. This postcard is still blank on the back but it will go out somewhere in the world very quick. 

I send you all warm hugs!

~ innahlovesyou

Handmade postcards · · sent

I make handmade postcards from drawings

It might be possible for you to not know this, but I draw, and I love drawing. I mostly draw cartoon characters, because of my sister, and I upgrade myself every day and I am always willing to learn new stuff and experiment. 
Because I love both drawing and postcards, I decided to combine that in one thing. And now, I basically draw a picture and make a postcard out of it, and I send it to people and bring them happiness. Isn’t that wonderful?  
I also have this profile created here, in case you’d want to support my work. 
~ innahlovesyou


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Lovely cards from the UK

Dear Eunice, thank you for the amazing cards. I am so glad I got the both, the one from The Philippines, and the one from UK too. I also adore the long text you have put there, inside the card. It is so thoughtful and incredible. Thank you so much!