Friday offer! Don’t miss this!

Hey guys!
I know how much you love art, and I know how much you love postcards.

I know how much you support me here, and it means so much to me! That’s why I decided to make this offer.

If you decide to support me on patreon too, I’ll send a postcard to you EVERY SINGLE MONTH! A postcard of your choosing… Your favorite character, your favorite animal, your favorite quote…

This would mean a lot to me, and you can be a part of it too!

Stay well, and stay happy!
I love you!


Production of ceramics – Singapore, and how much power a postcard can have


One of my favorite postcards. Not because it’s from reddit. Or because it’s large. It is from Singapore, from /u/duosharp, but the fact that makes her special is how the artist showed the production of ceramics in a single picture.

Look at this everyday life. Isn’t it amazing? When you drink tea and sit in your comfortable chair at home, next to the fireplace, do you think who made those tea pots and ceramic tools? No, I haven’t though about it, either. But now I did. This postcard had the power to make me see how much effort people put in stuff everyday. Not only to make a tea pot, but to make a lot more stuff, touchable and untouchable, that we don’t even realize.

It made me think that today, I drove my sister to her handball practice, and it doesn’t mean anything, not to me, not to her, but if that didn’t happen, she would have missed practice. If the people didn’t make the tea pot, maybe we wouldn’t have been drinking tea today, eh?

Duosharp, thank you for opening my eyes with a single postcard. Each postcard has such power. We only need to see it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Time to celebrate! First patreon!

Today is my lucky day for sure! It is Women’s day, and I am happy for that, but of all, I am happy because I have people that support me in my art.

I have a Patreon site, and today I got my first patron, my first supporter of my work. It means so much to me, and I hope Games for Toys sees this!

You can see my work there too if you want:

And no, I won’t forget! Happy Women’s Day to all women around the world. Especially to my mum! Mum, I wish you were here today, but we’ll be together soon. I miss you! And I love you!

If you never try, you’ll never know

Hello guys. I hope you’re doing fine.
I always want to try new stuff. And I have tried many new stuff this period.

It’s the unknown that makes me curious, and I want to learn it all. One of the things that made me curious was painting with watercolors. Since I do handmade postcards, I tried to make some handmade watercolor postcards, and I threw so many paper, because it wasn’t good, and I kept some, not worth taking a picture of, and then I made this one, which I really adore. It seems watercolor postcards will be my new favourite stuff to make.ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

I still have a lot more work to do and upgrade my skills, especially with watercolors, but I am determined to do it. What do you guys think about this?


How to make a postcard from a single piece of paper. DIY

Hello guys. Today I’m going to let you inside my world. You’ll get the opportunity to see how I make my drawing postcards, and maybe it will be an inspiration for you to make one too, and show it to me after. ๐Ÿ˜‰

You are probably wondering what you’ll need, so here is the list of requirements:

– Piece of paper (yes, one piece of paper. Only one. A4 format.)
– Pencil
– Rubber
– Glue
– Whatever else you think you’ll need to express your creativity (coloring pencils, ribbons, stickers, markers and more.. )
– I used retractable knife for cutting the paper, but I sometimes just fold the paper and then rip it out.

And yes, that’s all you need to make a handmade postcard. Oh also, creativity. You’ll need that too, but I’m sure you have lots of creativity inside you, so it won’t be a problem.


Take one piece of paper. Yeah, this is the easiest step, you guessed it.


Fold the paper in two and cut it in half. That way, you’ll have two equal pieces.


Cut those pieces in half too, and you’ll get four equal pieces, in a postcard dimension.



Take one of the four pieces of paper, and that will be the platform you’ll be drawing on. In this case I drew a couple hugging each other. And I only used pencil.



We are gonna use the three pieces that remained too. Take the glue and glue them together. That way, you’ll make a stronger platform, so the postcard will be thicker and it won’t fold.


Here’s how that looks.



Make the postcard and send it to someone, and make them happy ๐Ÿ˜€ It is a lovely feeling, when you know someone has been thinking about you.
And don’t forget to send me a picture of what you did. I love seeing how I inspire people.

I love you guys,

Surprise your mum for Mother’s day!


Surprise your mum for mother’s day, with this or similar flower postcard, designed just as you wish!

It’s time to make someone happy, and why start tomorrow, when we can start today!

The more you wait, the better you receive

I was sitting in the park for a while and I was unsure where to look, what to think about and what to do. So, as usually, I’d make some photographs with my camera, stare at people, walk around, sit on one of the benches and stare at people again.


A conversation between a mother and a little girl caught my attention. The mother was sitting on the bench right next to mine, and the girl was the cutest girl ever. She had blonde hair, long up until her shoulders, and sparkly big blue eyes full of life. She was playing around, jumping and laughing and she came to her mum and said:

  • ย – Mum, can I have an ice-cream?
  • ย – No, sweetie, you can’t have an ice-cream now. It’s still cold outside. We need to wait.
  • ย – Why do we need to wait, mum? What will happen if we wait?
  • ย – Oh sweetie, we need to wait for the weather to be warmer.
  • ย – But why? Does the sun get bigger if we wait?

The mother smiled and said:

  • ย – No, but it shines brighter.
  • ย – Okay mummy, I’ll wait. Does that mean that my ice-cream will taste better too?

I was a witness to the cutest conversation between a mother and a daughter ever, and it made me think deeper. Do we really get better things if we wait? I wouldn’t say so. We just appreciate them more, just because we wait for them. Or sometimes, the opposite happens, We realize we don’t really need them, we just wanted them at the exact moment.

And this girl…she is on my mind all day. Her way of thinking is so different. The way she is willing to wait, so she could taste a better ice-cream. I believe it will result in her willing to wait for things, and to appreciate them when she gets them, which is one of the best qualities that one person can have.

We need to wait for things to happen. They will eventually come, and happen, and they will be the best things we have ever had. And we’d know how to appreciate them!

The best of Canada in a single envelope

Before I begin… /u/TwerpTwo, how can I thank you? What you did is crazy. Indeed. 19 postcards in a single envelope? You are my angel! Seriously!!!


The Prairies in Canada. A Prairie rainbow. A wonderful view and an incredible nature.


The Canadian moose is the undisputed king of the antler world. To many people, it seems kind of ugly, but to me, I bet he wants cuddles hehe ๐Ÿ˜€


Greetings from Brandon, Manitoba. I like the way this card is printed. Those little squares and all different sides of the city. It is amazing and very creative. I love it.


Rocky Mountain Elk. Is he posing? I find this so adorable, and I don’t even know why ๐Ÿ˜€ I think the elk is so cute


Equestrian training was discontinued in 1966, but the mounted tradition remains alive in The RCMP Musical Ride. I love those guys.


Canada owes much to its First Nations people, the true founders of our country. They remind me so much of those people from Peru that have similar clothing. I am in love with one song that I saw them play when I was in Cannes. “El condor pasa”. You need to hear it!


A field of sunflowers –ย  another beautiful prairie scene. I love sunflowers. They are so positive. They always turn towards the sun.


Grizzly Bears are omnivorous eating everything from berries to small mammals – but they are really expert fishermen. Normally a solitary animal, they congregate along streams and rivers during salmon spawns to enjoy the abundance of food.ย  But don’t be surprised if you see them fighting over a good fishing spot


The northern lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen on a clear winter night from many parts of northern Canada. I want to see this so badly!


These adorable black bear cubs will grow to be big burly inhabitants of Canada’s dense bush and forest. Look at the way they kiss.ย  So adorable!


Greetings from Brandon, Manitoba again. I want to visit this city. From the postcards, it seem like there is a lot of things to visit.


The moose is one of Canada’s most massive mammals. A cow moose, such as this mother with her young, may weigh 360 kg (800 lbs).


Grain elevators are a common scene on the Prairies. I love this view. I spent 10 minutes staring at this postcard!


Moose are the largest member of the deer family. An adult male can stand 1.9 meters at the shoulder and weighs approximately 475 kilograms. These are truly one of nature’s gentle giants.


This magnificent Gray wolf (Timber wolf) is often misunderstood as an indiscriminate killer. Not true! While the wolf does kill some large game, it is mostly the old, the weak and the diseased that are taken.


Greetings from the Ice Hockey capital of the World – Canada. I’ve never seen an Ice Hockey game ever, and I want to go so badly, and cheer.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). I love their uniform! Such a nice card.


Common Loon. I have never seen a loon before. And I love how it looks. It reminds me of the black swan even though they are a lot different.


Wonderful picture of some interesting Canadian places. It has the National anthem on the back and I am happy to write it down:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Always a child in my heart


Don’t forget to always stay a child in your heart!

Sometimes I think about growing up. And no, it doesn’t scare me, it’s just… it’s not how I imagined life. I don’t want worries and fears about tomorrow.

I want a life, like a child has. Not to worry about a single thing, just to live each day like it is the last one! Laugh a lot, do crazy stuff, buy an RV and travel the world. Quit your job, which doesn’t make you happy and go around the world and do what you always wanted to do. Sing, dance, laugh, paint, cook…

And sometimes you realise, you always have the child inside. It is here even now. The childlish me made me write all of this now. Made me think about going somewhere far away and be happy. It is always here that kid we have, we just need to stop for a second and listen…

What does it say?

There is this thing about clouds… (postcard)


There is this thing about clouds, something so sad about them…

Whenever I think of clouds, I think of people. Those sad people that won’t let us in their lives, that won’t let us see the light they have because of their shield, just like when the clouds cover the sun. They make that shield so they don’t get hurt again, so they don’t feel the same pain they felt over and over again. Because it hurts… A lot…  It makes them cry silently, when no one sees them…  Sometimes they cry loudly, like when it’s pouring outside, because the pain they feel is so big and intense, of being hurt so many times…

But sometimes, magic happens. Some people call it love. It shines so bright and the shield of the cloud can’t bear the light anymore. The shield is down, and you can see the light coming out slowly. You can see the rainbow forming itself in the person’s soul. And yes, it’s going to hurt again. But this time, it will be worth it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have shined so bright…