postcrossing · Russia


Dear Anna,

Thank you for the amazing card from Siberia, Russia. I really adore this card. And Tsarskoye Selo seems like a very interesting place.

postcrossing · Russia


Hello Lana! 

Thank you for the amazing card from Kazan, Russia! I adore this card.

And yes, I think buying an instant print camera is a wonderful idea!

direct swap · Russia

Handmade David Bowie card from Russia

Shatte, I couldn’t thank you enough! This card is so, so amazing! I adore every single part of it. David Bowie was an incredible artist and no words can describe him appropriately. I just want to thank you so much for the card!

direct swap · Russia

Winter card from Russia

Thanks to an instagram swap, and thanks to Olga ( olga_swap_nsk) , I was so lucky to get this card. No, seriously, look at them…

Those cute little hedgehogs are having a snow fight.. Isn’t it adorable?
And yet, we didn’t even have snow in Macedonia haha 😀

Also, I got this amazing tiger stamp too. I couldn’t be happier!!!

postcrossing · Russia


I got this amazing card from Russia. I love those airplanes and the creativity. One of my favorites!