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Greetings from Singapore

This is my first card from Singapore from postcrossing (SG-202555)

Thank you Kai, for reminding me of my childhood. I really don’t know why everything reminds me of my childhood! The same thing happened with this postcard. It is basically little tiles with words and pictures inside, and I remembered how I learnt the basic words and letters when I was very small. Ah, if only I could be a child again hehe 😀



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Production of ceramics – Singapore, and how much power a postcard can have


One of my favorite postcards. Not because it’s from reddit. Or because it’s large. It is from Singapore, from /u/duosharp, but the fact that makes her special is how the artist showed the production of ceramics in a single picture.

Look at this everyday life. Isn’t it amazing? When you drink tea and sit in your comfortable chair at home, next to the fireplace, do you think who made those tea pots and ceramic tools? No, I haven’t though about it, either. But now I did. This postcard had the power to make me see how much effort people put in stuff everyday. Not only to make a tea pot, but to make a lot more stuff, touchable and untouchable, that we don’t even realize.

It made me think that today, I drove my sister to her handball practice, and it doesn’t mean anything, not to me, not to her, but if that didn’t happen, she would have missed practice. If the people didn’t make the tea pot, maybe we wouldn’t have been drinking tea today, eh?

Duosharp, thank you for opening my eyes with a single postcard. Each postcard has such power. We only need to see it 😉

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Lovely card from Singapore

I got this card from Singapore. 
I am still trying to figure what it says, but I am on a good way, I can at least read my name, and yours, Cheryl 😀 Thank you!

direct swap · Singapore

Direct swap #18

Marina Bay by Night – Singapore

The most interesting thing about this postcard is.. I don’t know who sent it 😀 
It’s sent on 24th of November, and the sender says it’s her/his first time sending a postcard and he/she’s so excited. Thank you for the lovely words, sender and for the amazing postcard. Also, if you find yourself in this post, contact me please. 

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Direct swap #15

A wonderful postcard from Singapore

No, it’s not a scene from Avatar. It’s actually how gardens look like in Singapore. It’s simply amazing. I have to thank Martin (ExMartin – reddit) for sending me this, and I also think their idea with the Singaporeology is quite amazing. They actually make their own postcards as a locals and send it to tourists or random people around, to show them a little bit more about their country. Well done, guys 😉