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Postcards From Turkey

The most precious postcards I’ve ever received!

My boyfriend sends me postcards. But these two were special because of two reasons:


The postcards are not regular postcards. They are thicker than usual, and it makes them so special for me. My guy even wrote on the postcards, that we’re going to print our postcards on paper like this, so it will be high quality. This card is from Ankara, the statue of Zafer Aniti. I love it so much! It is special and precious to me, but I have to admit, I do love the other postcard more.





I looked at this postcard after I read the first one. And I thought: aww this one is from Istanbul. From Kiz Kulesi (Mainden’s Tower). And I turned to see the back, and to see what my baby wrote for me. But, I saw someone else’s handwriting.It was his mums. Baby, she has a better handwriting than you do hehe 🙂 She said a lot about Kiz Kulesi. She explained how it’s in Instanbul in the middle of the Marmara sea and you can see it from both the European and Asian side of the city. There is a restaurant on the first floor and a cafe on the second. I really love my boyfriend’s mum.

Guys, thank you for the postcards! I love you!


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Promise I’ll never let you go!


This is my favourite card! It’s all handmade and he made it by himself. There are so many things I feel like saying, and I don’t think I have enough words to say thank you!

You brighten up my day, and you are always here when I need you, and I love how you put your hair spiked on the front, but why isn’t my hair red? Or blonde? Oh wait, I know, it’s because I change the color so often haha ^^

Thank you, G! You are so adorable, but you already know it :*


direct swap · Turkey

Lovely postcards from Turkey

These are the postcards I love the most! Goksu, you know why! 

On the first one, you can see pictures of Aziziye Mosque from Konya, Antalya, Bodrum Casle in Mugla, Capppadocia and Leander’s Tower in Istanbul. I’ve only been to Konya, but I am sure I’ll visit Turkey quite soon 😉

The second card is from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. It is amazing and I love it so much. It’s not as crowded as Istanbul though. 

Thank you Goksu! <3

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Direct swap #17

New Year card from Turkey
Reddit swap again. This time, from Ankara , from Kusaihana. I’ve been to Turkey, to Konya, but I’ve never been to Ankara, the capital. I have to thank you for the lovely words inside the postcard, and about your music taste. It’s quite amusing 🙂 Happy New Year to you too.