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A Knight Before Christmas by Ric Lumb [BOOK REVIEW]

A Knight Before Christmas by Ric Lumb [BOOK REVIEW]


I was very lucky and won A Knight Before Christmas by Ric Lumb through a Twitter giveaway. As soon as the book arrived, alongside with 5 cute illustrated pins, I couldn’t resist and opened it immediately.

My Thoughts:

A Knight Before Christmas is a truly beautiful Christmas story. Even though the main story is about Christmas, it also has a medieval England element to it. Santa comes across a dragon that keeps eating the presents, and is in a help of a Knight, in order to save Christmas. The dragon, the knight, the king and queen and the jester made the story much more interesting and brought adventure to it. I loved how this was combined with Santa and Christmas and elves, and it turned out great! I am sure your little ones will enjoy it a lot!

The illustrations inside are very interesting, with simplistic features of the characters, thick lines and bright colours, which makes it appealing for children and catches their attention.

The text itself is quite easy to read, and rhymes well. I would recommend reading it aloud to a child, or if they are big enough, prompting them to read the book aloud, so they can fully enjoy the rhymes and how it sounds when narrated. The only small critique I had was regarding the grammar. There were many instances where a full stop was missing at the end of the sentence, when quotation marks were used.

The Knight Before Christmas is a beautiful children’s Christmas book, and I truly recommend it!

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