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Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend – Crystal Hemmingway

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Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend is a funny and beautiful story that focuses on the loving mother-daughter relationship and presents issues in a comedic, but loving way.

Crystal planned an amazing holiday with her boyfriend, but her mother decides to join them last minute. Crystal is having great difficulties to say no to her mother and this causes her to become single, homeless and unemployed. And now, living with her mother is the only option she has left.

When bearing her mum seems, well, unbearable, Crystal decides to sign up for a robot research and fills a form asking for the robot to have all the qualities that Crystal’s mum likes in a person. Crystal does this with the intention to find company for her mother, a best friend, in the hope that then she would be left alone, and doesn’t tell her mum about this robot-companion. This all happens, of course, without the mother knowing.

But what no one expected to happen was for the robot to be so human that it’s unrecognizable. He looks exactly like a human, and a very handsome one as well. He also has no flaws and is perfect in everything he does. Crystal’s mum hasn’t been happier in years and she really enjoys all the attention and caring she is getting – but when she starts to develop feelings for the robot, Crystal has to make a decision: does she hide everything and make the robot disappear, or should she tell her mum the truth?

I loved the style this book was written in: emails, diary entries and letters. A unique style with a fast-paced tempo that made me read it in a day and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The mother-daughter relationship was accurate and at times very comparable, however, I did not agree with Crystal in some of her choices. She was mean to her mum sometimes and didn’t know how to express her feelings. Who has ever forbid their mum’s from calling them? Have you ever said to your mum – look mum, from now on, you will only call me for one hour in a week? Sorry, but ridiculous…

Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend is not a book I would usually pick up and it is way out of my comfort zone, but I did enjoy it. It was everything I expected it to be; cute, dynamic, funny and meaningful. I need more books like this one in my life.

Thank you to the team from LoveReading UK, for proving me with a paperback copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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