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Panda Postcard – The Most Adorable Animal

The most adorable animal in the world – the panda.

This postcard was made from fingertips, and I love the art. I also want to have a panda in my home. So many random thoughts, but why not? 😀

Thanks to Reddit , to Random Acts of Cards, to /u/ljsweenes, I received this adorable postcard from the USA.

Thank you Ljsweenes, for making me want to have a panda as a pet. Ah, and I just stopped begging for a tiger…

Panda Postcard – The Most Adorable Animal
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Christmas Card from Australia

Christmas card from Australia
I have to thank /u/aloecat ( Sacha) for the amazing card. It’s just so amazing and cute. I mean, just look at those cute little four black kittens making high-five. So, so adroable. And also the lovely Christmas tree. Sacha, you have a lovely handwriting too, and I also have to thank you for the amazing words inside the card. Thank you so much. <3