Cat-card from Misssweetlady

Cat-card from Misssweetlady !
I love these cats, even though they look so lazy 🙂 And the german words have a perfect meaning: 
” Write it down, and we’ll deal with it later/”
This is the first postcard I receive from Austria, and it means a lot. I remember now when I was in Salzburg, some years ago, on a karate tournament. We traveled 18 hours, but it was totally worth it. We saw the house of Mozart and ate those delicious Mozart chocolates hehe.
Thank you so much!



Christmas Card from Australia

Christmas card from Australia
I have to thank /u/aloecat ( Sacha) for the amazing card. It’s just so amazing and cute. I mean, just look at those cute little four black kittens making high-five. So, so adroable. And also the lovely Christmas tree. Sacha, you have a lovely handwriting too, and I also have to thank you for the amazing words inside the card. Thank you so much. <3