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Bobby & Morph by R.E. Fisher [BOOK REVIEW]


I am so grateful that I have won a giveaway and received Bobby & Morph by R.E. Fisher, illustrated by Bryony James. This book is so heartwarming and beautiful, and every child should be able to read it and become friends with Bobby and Morph.

My Thoughts:

Bobby & Morph is a collection of ten stories for children, all featuring the dogs Bobby and Morph as they go on their adventures and learn valuable lessons along the way. With a total of 104 pages, and each story around 10 pages each, with beautiful illustrations, the stories can be divided and read for a longer period of time, never becoming boring!

I loved the friendship Bobby and Morph share, and how they always stick together and learn new things. The illustrations are so precious too, perfectly representing the beautiful moments and adventures these two dogs find themselves into. The stories also have parts where there is a poem that rhymes, and the whole book follows a funny tone, with beautiful and simplistic writing.

“The owls taught him a lesson, the only one you’ll need,
that the power of friendship overcomes greed.”

With them, the children reading this will learn about kindness and the importance of being polite. To help people in need and say please and thank you. When they meet Sonny, they will teach us that it’s very important to be yourself, and the right people will come your way.

In the story where they find a new toy, we come across a familiar situation that I believe most of the parents and children can relate to. Through this story Bobby and Morph play together with the new toy and are able to share it between themselves. But one day, Morph accidentally broke Bobby’s toy. And he was so afraid to tell Bobby, because he was afraid that he will lose him as a friend. But he was brave and honest, and told Bobby the truth and apologised. And Bobby forgave him. But Bobby also expressed himself that he still feels sad because he lost his toy.

And I can’t express enough how great I believe this lesson is for children. Because we know it was an accident and Bobby should forgive Morph, which he does. But he is also allowed to express his feelings of loss, and be able to grieve for his toy. This is how we learn emotional intelligence and learn to cope with bigger losses later in life.

I can recall many of the lessons we learn, like the importance of keeping the house tidy, and the importance of sleep and listening to our parents when they tell us it’s time for bed. And the beauty of all these lessons is that Bobby & Morph find these lessons by themselves, rather than someone telling them what’s right and what’s wrong.

I cannot recommend this book enough! If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for a child, this is definitely the one you need to get. With many stories and many lessons, it is very educational and will keep the child occupied for a long time. And the illustrations are also adorable, and you will also enjoy reading the book alongside the children.

Get the full collection of 10 stories from Bobby & Morph’s official Etsy shop – HERE.

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Puppies, aren’t they adorable?

12722109_10208075410190269_386662921_n (2)

I love puppies. I used to have one. And while I was drawing this, Dzeni was on my mind.

I used to have a puppy myself when I was 5 years old. I called her Dzeni. She wasn’t a dog with a pedigree. She was one of those street dogs, and I loved her so much. She was so adorable brown little creature, and had those sparkly eyes, that always look at you with question marks above. When I looked at her, if felt like she always wanted to ask me something. She used to stand in front of my room when I was asleep, and didn’t let anyone in. I used to torture her in a childlish way, to climb on her and make her run a lot, and always cuddle her, even when she’s tired. And she never got mad. Even though she sometimes didn’t like it at all. She was a puppy that every child would want. She wasn’t dalmatian, or golden retriever, but she was full of love and dedication towards me. She was so protective and caring, and oh, how much I loved her. I still believe  that there is such strong connection between a dog and a kid.

Even now, 15 years later, I still love her endlessly, and she always has a special place in my heart. I still remember our games like it was yesterday. She was a part of my life, and she left a special mark there.

While I drew this postcard, I was thinking about her. She looked like those two guys, with those big eyes and eyes full of questions. I miss her. So much!