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Eden I (The Eden Trilogy #1) by Georgia Le Carre [BOOK REVIEW]

Eden I (The Eden Trilogy #1) by Georgia Le Carre [BOOK REVIEW]

Reading books by Georgia Le Carre is one of my guilty pleasures. I knew that getting into the Crystal Jake / Eden Trilogy would be a wonderful experience, and I wasn’t disappointed.

About The Book:

Eden I (The Eden Trilogy #1) by Georgia Le Carre

Pages: 158

Format I read it in: Paperback

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Still troubled by her brother’s death, Lily is searching for answers. So she enbarks in a career that introduces her to a dangerous underworld. Surrounded by lust, greed, wealth and handsome and powerful men – one man in particular swipes her off her feet.

Jake Eden has everything; money, power, all the women he can ask for… He never needed love. Love is for the weak. Until one woman with the stage name of “Jewel” arrives and grabs his attention…

My Thoughts:

For the short book that it is, Eden I is packed with steamy action and fast-paced and interesting plotline. I read it in one sitting and devoured it. There is that unsettling presence of lust in the room on every single page. You can feel the tension between Lucy and Jake, and even as a reader, it can get a bit steamy in the room and you might need to open up a window. Aside from the lust though, there is also a romantic aspect of it – which gives a good balance to the book.

I think that this is a great start of the Crystal Jake / Eden Trilogy series, especially after the very unexpected twist at the end of the book. Trust me, that twist will make you want to pick up the second book instantly.

I loved Lily as a character, and was very interested in the story. And I also enjoyed getting to know Jake as well. Slowly getting to know the real person behind his “big strong man with no feelings” attitude.

Honestly, I am very much looking forward to the second book in the series and definitely recommend this one to add to your collection of steamy stories.

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About The Author:

Georgia Le Carre author

Georgia writes contemporary and erotic romance from a little old 19th century romantic cottage, surrounded by a magical garden filled with fruit and walnut trees.
When she is not feeding words into her laptop, she can be found lost in long walks in the woods, particularly on moonlit nights, and often with the man of her dreams.

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The Serpent’s Mark by S.W. Perry

the serpent's mark s.w.perry book review books blog blogging


The first book in 2019 that I didn’t manage to finish is The Serpent’s Mark by S.W. Perry.

I am sad and disappointed. If you know me, you will know how I don’t want to leave things unfinished, especially when reading books. I want to finish every book I read, so I can have a thorough opinion and valid comments.

I stopped reading this book at page 75, which is very early days, but I just couldn’t continue because of a few points.

Before I start, I need to mention all the things that attracted me to this book in the first place. I love mysteries, and this book promised conspiracy, murder and espionage in Elizabethan London. It is set in the year 1591, where a doctor is investigated of his questionable practices. This was, by itself a promising start. And if you haven’t seen the beautiful cover already, please do. It’s art to have this book on your shelves.

However, while reading those 75 pages, I haven’t encountered any murder. Conspiracy and espionage maybe, but it is so subtle, that everything else comes in first place, while I am here, flipping pages and desperately waiting for something to happen.

A book that contains a lot of politics and religion in a same chapter is just not the book for me. As a person that moved into the UK, I know a little bit about politics and not much about history politics, but I am also not very interested in it either. Documentaries, yes – but books for pleasure, not quite so much. This book was over-flooding with politics and religion, and it is something I just couldn’t put past me. After deciding to DNF it, I also realized that it was a second book of a series, but can also be read as a standalone.

I wish I enjoyed it, but I just couldn’t. However, if the book seems like something you might enjoy, please go for it, read it, and let me know how it went. We all have different tastes in book – and that’s OKAY! 🙂

Thank you to ReadersFirst, a UK based website that sends me books every month in exchange for my honest reviews. What you do it absolutely amazing!

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His Frozen Heart by Georgia Le Carre

Book review his frozen heart by Georgia Le Carre books goodreads blog blogging diary of difference diaryofdifference


His Frozen Heart pulled me into an idyllic winter paradise and made me want to cuddle up with a warm blanket and a hot chocolate in my bed.

This is the most romantic novel by Georgia Le Carre I have read so far. Don’t you worry, the steamy scenes are there too, but for the first time, they are not the main focus of the book.

Cade lives alone on the mountain side. He is there to escape both his reality and his troubled past. When a woman crashes her car and a blizzard is coming up, she needs to spend a few days in his cottage.

Sometimes, you only need a few days with a person to know whether they are right for you. What begins as a lust turns into a deep relationship, full of love and caring.

But with an unexpected twist, I started doubting everything I had read and all the characters involved. With an even more unexpected ending, I felt so disappointed…

When you find out a dark secret that makes you double-check your feelings, you need to talk to the other person. You need to get face to face and bloody talk. No matter your decision, whether you’re going to stay or go. No matter if you have already made your mind, you need to say something. If nothing is said, how can it be a happy ending?

Despite the ending though, and my emotional reaction, this is so far the most thrilling book I read by this author. Unpredictable and satisfying, she did manage to keep me on my toes, and actually managed to get me to care about the characters.

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The Man In The Mirror – Georgia Le Carre

the man in the mirror georgia le carre diary of difference book review books goodreads reader blog love romance erotica


Have you ever wanted a steamy Beauty and the Beast retelling? You might not get the Disney fantasy, but you will get the true love part. Or will you?

Charlotte is a nanny and she goes in a rich family to take care of a little boy. His mother is demanding and his father stays in his room at all times.

Mr. King survived a fire accident and half of his face is covered with a golden mask, to hide the sad memories. He almost never goes out and his son is scared of him. Also,he only visits him at night.

He always talks to his son’s nannies through the intercom, to ask about his day. But with this nanny, it feels different. He can’t wait to hear her voice.

Compared to ‘’Nanny and the Beast’’, The Man in the Mirror is not as steamy, and the love relationship feels a bit more realistic. However, the story is still under developed for my tastes.

The nannies in Georgia’s books are represented in a bit of an unrealistic way. As a nanny, I think you will always influence the child you spend time with. Bear in mind, you spend all day, every day with them. But there are rules and boundaries set by the parents, and you do not cross those. The author somehow forgot about this part, it seems.

The Man in the Mirror opens up plenty of topics for discussion and in the end, it is a quick and enjoyable read. Georgia’s books are the ones that you pick up, wanting to have a quick read moment and relax.

If this book sounds intriguing, go and grab your copy, and let me know in the comments whether you enjoyed it.

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Nanny and the Beast by Georgia Le Carre

nanny and the beast a billionaire romance georgia le carre goodreads netgalley love erotica sex russia mafia★★★★

Let me explain, before you all judge me. I don’t usually read these types of books. Nanny and the Beast was just a book that was recommended to me. By my mum. And I loved it!

The book features April, who is a nanny by profession. She goes for an interview in a Russian billionaire’s house for the nanny position.

Yuri is a Russian billionaire who has a niece, Yulia, that hasn’t been speaking for a few months. When he sees April, he can’t resist her – which is why he doesn’t give her the job – it is too dangerous for her to stick around.

But when destiny takes matters in her own hands, and April end up being Yulia’s nanny, they have to find a way to leave their fierce erotic needs aside and focus on the little girl’s happiness.

With lust and danger coming from all sides, they are not prepared to settle for little.

I loved April. She is a kind girl and cared deeply about Yulia. She fears Yuri, but also can’t help but feel the attraction between them. She kept having second thoughts and getting ready to leave, and still stayed. She kept feeling humiliated, but remained to see if this love might work. April was also a very bad friend. I feel the need of mentioning this. While it was okay for her to call her friend any time, she always talked and never listened, even when her friend clearly wanted to talk. That is a no-no for me.

As for Yuri, I don’t think I liked him that much. Yes, I admired his possessiveness around April and how he cared about both April and Yulia. Everything about Yuri is so mysterious, so secret, and he is always on the edge. Which makes him wanted, I would assume. However, some of his actions and beliefs made me so angry I wanted to throw this book!

The emotional scene that intrigued me.

She was left by her mother as a child, because her mother didn’t have the money. While April grows up, her mother becomes very rich and famous. A secret part of Rachel hopes that her mother will come back for her. At one scene in the book, April and Yuri attend a dinner and April’s mother is there. When she sees her with Yuri, she whispers to April she is not good enough and tells her to stay off him, so her other daughter can be with him. And while the mother didn’t know April is her daughter, April did, and it hurt her badly.

Quite an emotional scene for April, realizing that her mother moved on, and has changed, and the reason she probably left her at the very beginning never had anything to do with her money.

I read this book in a day, so if you want a short hot steamy romance with a sexy Russian Alpha-male, you will definitely enjoy this. There are a few emotional roller coasters throughout the book. However, if you are looking for a deep book that will help you discover the meaning of life, I am sorry to disappoint you.

Secret note: If you have in mind books similar to this, I am open to recommendations.

Trigger warnings: Explicit sexual scenes, violence, murder and psychological trauma.

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