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Eternal Love (Eternal Soul #2) by Karimah Colden [BOOK REVIEW]

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Eternal Love is the second book in the Eternal Soul series by Karimah Colden. We follow the story of Reign, who recently found out she has some magic powers. 

The first book, Eternal Soul, focused on Reign finding herself in this new world, with the new powers she has. It was also an adventure of staying out of danger while also protecting her friends.

Eternal Love continues in the same spirit. Reign is living a normal life, until one day, her neighbour is killed and it seems that Reign was the actual target. 

I cannot say I enjoyed this book!

Reign didn’t develop or grow as a character throughout the book. Her powers didn’t become stronger and she made some questionable decisions. Sometimes, she didn’t make any decisions at all. Torn between two men, one-sided friendships and bad life priorities were a few things that bothered me.

“You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You can’t let the shortcomings that are guaranteed to happen drag you down too. If you did that, you’d never be able to stand.”

The writing was very inconsistent. Sometimes, I would encounter beautiful paragraphs. Furthermore, I also noticed so many grammar and spelling errors that really annoyed me. On top of this, I could also see a lot of spacing between sentences, as if someone pressed the space button too many times before they continued writing.          Like this.       And it annoyed me a lot.     I am sorry. 

“We are not the sins of our parents, we are each of our own mind and soul.”

The ending of Eternal Love didn’t have any conclusion of closure to it, apart from solving the mystery behind Reign’s family past. Throughout the whole book, Reign is torn between two potential love interests, and we don’t get a conclusion to this either. It seems like the ending was a preparation for yet another book. 

Eternal Love felt vert unprepared, not edited properly (or at all) and definitely unfinished. I didn’t enjoy it and I cannot recommend it to you. I don’t think I will be continuing the series, however I will still keep an eye on future releases from the author. 

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