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French Kissing by Catherine Sanderson [BOOK REVIEW]

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“French Kissing” by Catherine Sanderson is one of those romance novels you enjoy for a few days and then forget how it ended. 


Sally Marshall decided to try a French online dating site. This was after she leaves her long-term boyfriend and Lila’s father when she discovers he was cheating on her. With his secretary. After six months of healing, Sally is now ready to find her perfect match. 

However, online dating has its downside. Meeting weird and creepy men, having one-night stands and being judged that she is a mother. Sally has to go through self-discovery in her journey to happiness.

My Thoughts:

“French Kissing” was average. It is very well written, but it follows a plot that, to me, has been overused by many writers, especially in the romance genre. It becomes another drop of water in the sea.

Sally is a very normal character and easy to love. She is struggling with the online dating. She believes she is at a disadvantage due to being a mother and her journey will teach her that she just hasn’t met the right person yet. I am not a mother, and I don’t know how Sally must truly feel, but I can imagine this situation being a big burden to her. Also, considering how men behave in today’s world, where they want as little responsibility as possible and they are very reluctant to date women that already have children – I can understand how difficult this is for Sally. On the same aspect, this means that this is not Sally’s fault. There is always someone out there that will be able to love her just the way she is – daughter included.

I liked the fact that this book was set in France. It gave a nice charm to it. However, on many occasions, there are French sentences with no explanation nor translation. If you don’t understand French, you should buy a dictionary when you are buying this book. I can imagine this being an issue for many readers.

To conclude – it was an okay read. It will fill up your time nicely and bring you on an adventure of self-discovery. Perhaps you will also be able to connect with Sally on a whole new level. I wouldn’t say “French Kissing” is a favorite, nor would I recommend it on the spot if someone asked me. However, if you love romances set in France with a focus on online dating – this might be worth your time.

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