How much I miss the green parks


A DE-5030848 postcrossing card from Germany.

It made me think how I miss the green parks. I have been so busy lately, that I have no time to go to a park like this and just admire the nature. I am sure all of us do it. I go to university, then practice, then study, then travel, and I have no time to just sit on some bench and relax myself. It’s all in a hurry, and I often forget the purpose of life.


Cat-card from Misssweetlady

Cat-card from Misssweetlady !
I love these cats, even though they look so lazy 🙂 And the german words have a perfect meaning: 
” Write it down, and we’ll deal with it later/”
This is the first postcard I receive from Austria, and it means a lot. I remember now when I was in Salzburg, some years ago, on a karate tournament. We traveled 18 hours, but it was totally worth it. We saw the house of Mozart and ate those delicious Mozart chocolates hehe.
Thank you so much!