Friendship And Weirdness – Postcard from India

I have never been to India, but India reminds me of the old values of life. It reminds me of my childhood and then I get nostalgic about home, about Macedonia.

Athira says my name reminds her of her childhood. There was one Ivana in her first grade and was her only friend back then. It makes her nostalgic.

I remember my first grade. It was a little bit boring, because I already knew how to read. After a while, I just got used to the fact that I have to repeat all the letters with the children in my class. I had many friends. And time after time I started to lose them one by one. It was no one’s fault. It just had to be that way.

Or maybe it was my fault. Because I was different. I still am.

I never wore the clothes they did. I never put make-up in the ways they did. I always wore bracelets with dream catchers and evil eyes and handmade jewellery, and they thought I was weird. But I didn’t care. I still don’t.

I was weird, but I was me. And I love the ME I was and the ME I am.

And yes, that left me with just a few friends, those true ones, that accept my weirdness and we are together cool. I found a man that is weird with me, and it feels amazing.

And what more can you expect in life? I have everything I need.

And I’m happy.



Congratulations on probably not dying alone – India

India yosoypanda card.JPG

Dear /u/YoSoyPanda,

I love all your cards! This one is one of a kind. It is my first one to get, and I love it so much. I got your second card too, a while ago, and it wasn’t ruined like the first. I loved the drawings and the quote, and you shouldn’t worry and be sad because of the ruined one. I keep that one too, and they all mean so much to me. You are the only one that sends me cards from India, so I have to appreciate that too 🙂 

Thank you for the Congratulations card hehe 😀 Even though I don’t spend my day working, I do make some school projects, and yeah, it can be so boring and tiring sometimes, even when I love what I’m doing. Whenever I do some boring projects, I’ll keep this postcard close to me, so it can remind me that I’m not alone in this hehe

Thank you so much!