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101 Best Jokes by Various Authors [BOOK REVIEW]

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I am struggling to write this review for 101 Best Jokes, because in this book you will definitely NOT find the best jokes.

In fact, the jokes are so bad, that you would laugh at your misery for picking this book up in the first place. The only thing that is true about the title is that there are actually 101 jokes in total. 

There are a lot of different jokes, mostly the jokes known as “dad jokes”, the blonde ones, the “yo mamma so ugly” ones are there too. The authors made sure all sorts of jokes are included. Too bad they failed to make me laugh. I actually found some of the jokes in there quite offensive. I can imagine someone actually using one of those jokes on a dinner table, telling the joke to the people around them and instead of laughter receiving the awkward smirk. Oh, can I please be invited to that party? Because that would be funny for sure!

Some did make me smirk though. Maybe only one or two, and that is why I will give this book two stars instead of one. One that stayed with me is this one: 

“I was wondering why the baseball was getting bigger. And then it hit me.”

If you want a short-read to make you spend some time and kill your boredom, this would probably be a good book to pick up. If you are researching jokes for your stand-up comedy next weekend, maybe skip it. Keeping  your expectations low enough will make you less disappointed.  

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I love you this much!

This T-Rex humor is adorable, Leah! The way you’ve drawn them is so cute!

It’s so funny how their hands are really small, and it makes it even funnier when I imagine them hugging. That would be such an awkward hug :3

Thank you so much!