Why “Die Mosel von Trier bis Koblenz” made me sad

There have been many posts in which I’ve said how much I adore postcrossing. I discovered the site so randomly, well, I didn’t even search for it. It just came to me by itself. If somebody asks, I still don’t know how I found out about postcrossing, but I know how much I love it and how much fun it brought me during these months. 

Today postcrossing made me sad. I received this beautiful postcard. One of the few long ones that I have, and also from Germany, a country that I love. 

Apparently, DE-5105480 is Jo’s last card, because he decided to close his postcrossing account in June 2016. This made me think…

How many times I’ve been sad and mail came. How many times I’ve checked my e-mail to find out people received my card and  it helped them. It’s such a nice feeling that the quotes I put inside the card helped them make the right decision and even months after, they keep messaging me to thank me over and over again. 

That’s why Jo, I love the card, but I am so sad it is your last one from postcrossing.I don’t know the reason, but I am really sorry people would no more have the opportunity to get such beautiful cards from Germany like I did today…