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Karate-Do: My Way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi [BOOK REVIEW]

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In this autobiography, Karate-Do: My Way of Life, Gichin Funakoshi looks back over his 80+ years of life and tells us the story of where it all began and the important circumstances and decisions that made him become who he has become, alongside with some very thought-provoking stories. 

I have had a connection with Karate since I was a toddler. My father is a karate coach and he has taught me the first kata, he has given me the karate-gi and my white belt, alongside with all the belts that came after it, until I got my black belt. 

Karate is not just Martial Arts – it is a Way of Life, which is why Gichin Funakoshi named this book Karate-Do: My Way of Life. It is not only those hours that you spend in the dojo that define you, but it is every moment of your life, everything you do, everything you say, every decision you make – it is all Karate. 

A way of life, respect, value of the little things, dedication, motivation, being good to one another, persistence, curiosity and mentorship. 

I enjoyed reading Gichin Funakoshi’s stories, and even though I already knew many of them from my father telling me, they still managed to make me think and teach me something new. His writing style is very easy to read and apprehensive. 

I personally loved the story where he managed to defeat his opponent by only having stronger confidence, without a single punch. 

Honestly, I am so glad I read this book and learned more about the life journey of the very man that was the reason why Karate made its way to Europe. I highly recommend you to read this book if you are a Karate artist or love martial arts. I also recommend this book if you love good autobiographies as well.

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The New Power Eating: More Muslce. More Energy. Less Fat by Susan M. Kleiner and Maggie Greenwood-Robinson [BOOK REVIEW]

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I don’t usually read and review these types of books. I am not the kind of person that reads help books for pleasure. When I need information, I usually only read something I need at the moment, learn a lot about it, and then let go. I don’t go out and buy books for it.

But, with this book, it was different.

For some of you, that know me better, I used to train karate since I was a child. My father was my coach, and I trained hard, more than four days a week. I was a national champion for 8 years, I went on Balkan, Regional and European Championships, the sport enabling me to travel in more than 15 countries, explore the world and make countless number of friends along the way.

And in my whole journey, there were many experts surrounding me. Firstly, my father, who was my coach, showing me the karate world and teaching me everything I know today. Along his side, other coached, psychologists, gym experts, and nutritionists.

‘’The field of sport nutrition practice is both a science and an art.’’

When it comes to nutrition, it is so easy to get it all wrong, while you think you are doing something healthy to your body. It is so easy to mix good with bad fats, and thinking you eat healthy, to get away from your goal and become disappointed. And that is the sole reason why we need people that really know their nutrition, and dedicate their lives to learning what each ingredient does to our body.

This book focuses on nutrition for sports people. A way of life and healthy eating, while you spend a lot of energy exercising. I could easily relate to this, as I myself have been through all of these phases, of being dehydrated, of needing more fat, of needing more protein and vitamins in my body, without even realising it.

‘’When females perform high-intensity training, their need for carbohydrate is easily as high as that of a male athlete, and they have just as much capacity to utilize and store carbohydrate as a male athlete.’’

In this book, you will find explanations on all subjects that are often asked, you will know what builds muscle, what fuels it. Many popular issues will be covered as well, such as the gluten problem that many people face this days.

I loved the section about fats, as I have been introduced to the keto diet recently, and it was good to read and learn more about how fats work in your body, and what happens when you burn them.

I enjoyed the snack and workout plans, that are also split depending on what you want to achieve, whether that be building muscle, losing fat, or power eating.

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‘’Research on sport nutrition in female athletes has long been neglected, but now there is breakthrough scientific knowledge that is changing the game of female athletes, including young girls.’’

If you love working out, and love your healthy food – this is a great book to have along your side, and come back to it from time to time, to remind yourself of everything your body is capable of doing, if you treat it right.

I highly recommend it – I enjoyed it a lot!

Thank you to Edelweiss+ and Human Kinetics for providing me a free copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review. 

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