New York City

Do you have fear from big cities? I kinda do. I live in a capital, and it’s so crowded that it sometimes scares me. I guess I just want to visit those big cities, but not live in them.

However, that doesn’t take away their beauty. They all have something very special in them. Same with New York. I’d love to go there and see everything it has to offer.

Thanks to /u/MyBFFRose, I had a chance to see New York for a second on this lovely pictures craved in the letters of the city. I wish I could see it at night, with all the lights on, and I wish I could see it by day, with all the traffic it has 😀



The Statue of Mercury – New York

US ljsweenes Statue of Mercury


Dear /u/ljsweenes,

I love this card! It shows New York in a totally different perspective. I have seen a lot of pictures, but I never seen this type of picture, and I love it! I think it is so unique and special, and such a small group of people would probably notice this in such perspective. Most of the people would probably pass by it. 

I wish you all the best,