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Blood Moon: Part 2 by S. Yurvati [BOOK REVIEW]

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Blood Moon: Part 2 is the continuation of Blood Moon: Part 1. The second part starts where the first book ended. Candy entered a world with no colour and met a very handsome hunter, who tells her of the dangers she will face on the “Needing Moon”. 

First of all – we have this monochromatic world covered in just beige colour and no other colours. The author made sure to note this a couple of times throughout the book, with no explanation whatsoever on why this is happening. Not even a clue or an event to prompt some curiosity in my way. I simply did not care about this colourless world.

Then, we have Candy in a new world and this man, her saviour, makes her his mate and becomes overprotective of her for no apparent reason. Yes, they have a passion bond forming, but he decides to keep her away from anyone, not let her get out of his palace and is about to kill anyone that even looks at her the wrong way. Yes – this is how males behave in this beige-world, but this still counts as captivity. She never addressed a wish to leave, but if she did – do you honestly think he will let her? Ha! I doubt it! 

Then we have the “Needing Moon”.

Every full moon is a needing moon, where everything is about intercourse. And not just that, but devouring women and taking their dignity in the most harsh way. Apparently it affects everyone and no one can resist this sudden urge, and suddenly we have scenes of orgies and what not, and I am not sure what to think of all this…

During this Needing Moon event,  Candy and this hunter spend a night or two having coitus, and then Candy has an accident that makes her forget everything about him. But the hunter needs to go on a journey, and not wanting to leave his missus at the palace, he makes her come with him and his soldiers – all men who think of her as a prey, but are too afraid to do anything because of their fear from the hunter, who also happens to be a king.

During the journey, they start to get to know each other again, playing a game of ego and arrogance. There is passion they have for each other but neither of them will confess first. And on top of that, in the end we find out that Candy did remember a little bit about him, after all. So she was lying throughout the book.

Which is slightly annoying.

And on top of all this, we don’t even see the characters that were mentioned in the first book. The end was somewhat unfinished, and it left things to reveal itself in the next book.  

So it seemed that the first book was a prequel to the second, but the second book is a prequel to the third, and to be quite honest with you, I wouldn’t read the third book just to find out. I have gambled enough and I didn’t get what I came for in two books, so I don’t see myself finishing this series in this lifetime. Or the next. 

I had really high hopes for this series, because even though the first book wasn’t my favourite, it did capture my attention, which is why I gave this book a chance. But this one disappointed me too much. 

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