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Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline [BOOK REVIEW]

When I first found out that there is a sequel called Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline, I was so excited! But I was also doubtful whether it would live up to the hype. Writing this review was a bit hard for me, considering how much I loved the first book, but here we go.


Days after Oasis founder James Halliday’s contest, Wade Watts makes a discovery that changes everything. Hidden within Halliday’s vault, waiting for his heir to find, lies a technological advancement that will once again change the world and make the Oasis a thousand times more wondrous, and addictive, than even Wade dreamed possible.

With it comes a new riddle and a new quest. A last Easter egg from Halliday, hinting at a mysterious prize. And an unexpected, impossibly powerful, and dangerous new rival awaits, one who will kill millions to get what he wants. Wade’s life and the future of the Oasis are again at stake, but this time the fate of humanity also hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts:

Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when they read Ready Player One. I remember I was listening to the audiobook, wonderfully narrated by Wil Wheaton. It was the first audiobook I ever listened to, and I loved everything about it. The plot, the Oasis, the easter egg contest, the 80’s references. And for me, Ready Player One ended perfectly. Wade won the contest, and everything was fine.

So you can imagine my surprise and excitement when I heart that there is a sequel coming. Of course I was excited! But I was doubtful at the same time. A little bit afraid that this new book wouldn’t live up to my expectations.

Ready Player Two starts very soon after the first book ends, and Wade and his friends uncover a new set of technology, where people can now feel and touch things in the Oasis. But something goes wrong and a villain appears. Only this time, the stakes are very high. People’s lives are in danger. And Wade and his friends must go onto another quest, gathering seven stones, to save everyone!

The quest element was basically the same as the easter egg contest.

Except this time, there were different puzzles and the stakes were higher, with a very tight deadline. I was not impressed at this part at all, and not even the 80’s references could help anymore. Some of the quests went on and on, making me fall asleep on my hardcover book a couple of times. And then, some of them were completed in two pages or less, not given any attention.

Then we had our main hero, Wade, who I started to despise. The Wade I knew from the first book suddenly turned into this rich douchebag that had a God complex. He definitely forgot where he started, and how humble he used to be. He does change a bit in the end, but I gave up on him way before that happened, so I didn’t care.

To be fair, the second part of the book wasn’t that bad, which is why I gave this review an extra star. I loved the final battle, and I’ll be honest, I might even watch that second movie, just to see that scene in action.

But let’s be honest. Ready Player One ended as it ended, and it didn’t need a second book. If feels as if everyone involved in the first book and movie loved the revenue, and decided to milk it as long as it is popular. Because we all love the idea of the Oasis and will keep reading things that feature it. And that’s what gives me the ick.

There is no easy way to say this. When people would ask me about sci-fi recommendations, I would instantly say: “You have to read Ready Player One by Ernest Cline!”. Now, when people ask me the same, I say this: “Ready Player One is amazing! But don’t read the second book. It’s not worth it.”

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Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett [BOOK REVIEW]

Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett [BOOK REVIEW]


Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett is a book I won through ReadersFirst, published by Corvus. And to be honest, Beneath the World, A Sea wouldn’t have been my first choice, because I don’t often go outside my comfort zone. I am so glad I did though, because I really enjoyed this book a lot!


Beneath The World, A Sea by Chris Beckett is a story told mainly by Ben, the policeman. The story is also told from other people’s points of view as well, all connecting to Ben in one way or the other. 

A number of people go on a journey to Submundo Delta, all with different missions and plans in mind. During this trip, they have to go through a place called Nus, where no one can remember their duration of their stay there. 

In Submundo Delta, the people that live there are called Mundinos. However, there are also creatures that live in the forest, called duendes. And the duendes want to get closer to the Mundinos, which results in them getting killed vigorously. 

Ben is sent there to investigate why the local people are killing the duendes. During his investigation, he meets different people and gets a chance to have some weird encounters with the duendes themselves. 

My Thoughts of Beneath the World, A Sea:

Beneath the World, A Sea is very philosophical and deep science fiction, and definitely not for everyone. It touches on many topics, but mostly the topic of self-discovery. Who are we? Who are we really? How do we get to be the person we actually are? Are we hiding any hidden intentions? Are we just performing a play and not letting people see behind the curtain? What if there is a place we can truly be ourselves? And we don’t remember it after? Would we be murderers, or samaritans? 

This book will make you wonder, all while maintaining the story and introducing interesting characters. Ben is trying to discover who he really is, Hyacinth seems to somehow know everything he’s about to experience, Rico has a relationship with the duendes like no one else, Jael is extremely smart but chose to do something else with her life, Justine had her heart broken and never had the courage to leave… Beneath the World, A Sea is a unique experience with fantastical elements in it. It is also very well written, with intriguing plot twists and a very unexpected ending. I especially loved the intrigue that involved a certain diary. It kept me hooked until the very end. 

Even though a very unique and niche book that won’t appeal to all, I warmly recommend it, as I think this is the perfect book to get you out of your comfort zone and take you on a unique adventure.

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The Turning Point (The ELI Chronicles #3) by Julia Ash [BOOK REVIEW]

The Turning Point (The ELI Chronicles) by Julia Ash book review blog blogging diary of difference diaryofdifference

The Turning Point by Julia Ash is the third book in the ELI Chronicles. Thank you to Julia, for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Read my reviews of the first two books in the series: 

  1. The One and Only
  2. The Tether

The Turning Point continues where the previous book left off. If you haven’t read the previous books in the series, I would recommend reading my review on the first book – The One and Only, as this review contains spoilers from the other two previous books. Now that you have been warned, I can safely continue. 🙂 

Ruby Spencer has continuously saved the world.

First, it was the zombie infection. Then, she was turned into a vampire against her will. In the first book we found out her blood was special, and in the second book – we find out why. Her blood was a result of a donor from another planet, which she ended up saving in the second book. And this time – the planet needs help again. But also this time – Ruby might not be the one that can save it. 

Because the animals have their own language, and Ruby cannot understand it. If she could understand them, she would know that they are tired of being puppets to the humans and the vampires. And wolves are more than happy to lead this rebelion. 

Without an alpha that can fight for their rights and lead their uprising, the animals will destroy everything in front of them. Ruby is the only one who can connect the animals with their rightful king – is she could only find him.

I have to admit, I struggled a bit at the beginning, when at one point we were introduced to all the different creatures and abilities (zombies, vampires, sculpting, werewolves, multiple planets, search for the true king). While the first and second book were more focused on one part of the story, in this book we had all of the different aspects colliding into one. And despite my struggles at the beginning, it all worked out in the end.

I really loved this book, and it was a perfect last book to conclude this series.

The ending was beautiful and I enjoyed the final few twists, where you couldn’t trust anyone. I loved the love this family had for each other, and how kind and generous they always are. They care so much for each other, it’s really nice to read it. It was such an adventurous ride, and I was eager to know how it ended. I am also glad they gave Zagan another chance to prove he changed, and that he deserves another chance at life.

If you have read my previous reviews – you will know me and Clay don’t really get along. But this book changed my opinion a bit, and I actually ended up liking his character and his story in this book. (surprise, surprise). 

The ELI Chronicles, as a whole, is a series not only about zombie apocalypse, vampires, werewolves, rightful kings and special abilities, but also a story about the true power of one family, and their love for each other. Julia Ash managed to combine these two things into the books so well, and make this journey not only adventurous, but also heartwarming.

And I have to say – I am glad that I am part of it by reading this series.

I am glad I have experienced this book, and grown together with it. Thinking of where I was on my journey when I started the first book, and where I am now, I can understand and appreciate this story way more and connect better with it. Definitely a must-read for all fans of sci-fi, adventure and thrillers.

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Geekerella (Once Upon a Con #1) by Ashley Poston [BOOK REVIEW]

Geekerella Ashley Poston book review blog blogging books bookworm


When the typical Cinderella story meets a geeky girl, a comic con and an actor instead of a prince, you get Geekerella. A story unlike any other Cinderella like stories, full with wittiness, geekiness and style.

We have Elle, who is our Cinderella. Her father passed away and left her with her stepmom and her two stepsisters. Elle is also a vivid lover of Starfield, sci-fi series similar to Star Trek and Star Wars. She is also a blogger, where she writes all things Starfield.

On the other side, we have Darien, who is an actor and just got the main character role for the new remake of Starfield. While he deeply loves Starfield, he is not allowed to show those emotions and let everyone knows he is a fan, because it will ruin his reputation. And that is the sole reason why fans don’t like him – he is just another guy that goes for the money and ruins their favourite fan fiction (we have all been there though, haven’t we?).

When fate somehow connects Elle and Darien together, under unknown circumstances they start texting to each other, without revealing who they really are. And that is when everything changes.

A story about love and friendship, but most importantly – a story that teaches you to “Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.” A story that reminds you to keep believing in who you are and why you are doing what you love. This is an amazing reminder to all of you – to be the people you want to be, because once you are comfortable with who you are and what you love to do – nothing can stop you in being great! And most importantly – HAPPY!

While there were bits and pieces that I couldn’t resist but to cringe on, such as the falling in love through texting, or not being able to say no to your step sisters, or being afraid to tell your fans  that you are a fan, while they keep accusing you that you don’t care. (How could this ruin a reputation? It could only make it better)…

While there were things that bothered me, this story was still a great revolution to the Cinderella retelling. No other story has shown a girl to fight for what she loves as strongly as this, without the help of magic or a pumpkin – even though her best friend Sage was really the fairy in this situation.

Thank you to NetGalley and Quirk Books, for providing me with an ARC copy of the book.

If you haven’t read it already, please do! It is worth reading it, as it has a powerful message inside of it. I recommend it to all of you out there!

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