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The Nursery by Asia Mackay [BOOK REVIEW]


If you ever wondered how James Bond would have looked like if he were a woman, this is the series you don’t want to miss. The Nursery is the second book of the Alexis Tyler series; a story about an assassin, a wife and a mother. It can be easily read as a standalone as well.


Lex Tyler is a secret agent. Her husband doesn’t quite know the details of her job. And her two-year old daughter has just developed a worrying love of biting.

When her colleague agents start dying and secrets are being leaked, Lex and her team have to work undercover to identify and eliminate the traitor in their midst. And this has to happen before China’s minister of Commerce gets assassinated on her visit in the UK. This is the one mission Lex can’t afford to fail.

My Thoughts:

I went into this book completely neutral, if not a bit worried that I haven’t read the first book of the series. And it blew me away! I loved the idea of a woman assassin that also has to juggle being a wife and a mum. I loved Lex’s character and her personal development, and could relate to so many things of her daily life. Even secret agents have to deal with their annoying two-year olds, and that was a relief. Lex was about to make some very unpopular life choices at one point in the book, and I was actually excited about. It was the obvious wrong choice, but her status-quo also wasn’t promising either, so I found myself rooting for the team that might raise eyebrows. The writing of this part and the build up to it was amazing.

The thriller moments in this book were phenomenal! I loved the suspense at the end of the chapters. And blimey, I did not expect that plot twist in the end. It surprised me so much, but then I realised how there have been hidden clues scattered in the book all along. And I’ve missed them all. I wanted to immediately re-read the book, just to find all the clues, and that is a proof to Asia Mackay’s amazing suspenseful writing.

I truly devoured this book, and Asia Mackay is now an author that I will keep following and whose books I’ll keep reading. Starting with “Killing It”, which is the first book of this series. The Nursery is a wonderful thriller you will not be able to put down. With a plot twist you’ll certainly remember!

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