Summer Palace – China


China Dandan.JPG

Thanks to Dandan, and to the driect swap with him, I got this amazing card from Beijing, China.

It is a card from the long corridor in the Summer Palace, which is found in the 18th century and it is famous for its length (728m) with more than 14000 paintings on it.  I love how special that sounds, and it is a really hard work, if you think of it. Imagine all the time needed to construct this.

Dandan, I  am so glad you told me about your first  baby, which is now 4 months old, I guess? It is so lovely that she brought you so much happiness and became your angel. I felt the same exact thing when my sister was born. I was 7 years old then, but it was a new change to our life, and she made a huge impact on me. She still does 😀

Thank you so much!