The sun of Vergina – Macedonia


The sun of Vergina, an old symbol of Macedonia.

I love this picture, and it is one of the best suns of Vergina that I have ever drawn. My sister is colouring it yellow at the moment, and maybe she’ll paint the background red too, since those are Macedonia’s national colours (red and yellow).

I hope you like it, and I hope you enjoy it.


There is this thing about clouds… (postcard)


There is this thing about clouds, something so sad about them…

Whenever I think of clouds, I think of people. Those sad people that won’t let us in their lives, that won’t let us see the light they have because of their shield, just like when the clouds cover the sun. They make that shield so they don’t get hurt again, so they don’t feel the same pain they felt over and over again. Because it hurts… A lot…  It makes them cry silently, when no one sees them…  Sometimes they cry loudly, like when it’s pouring outside, because the pain they feel is so big and intense, of being hurt so many times…

But sometimes, magic happens. Some people call it love. It shines so bright and the shield of the cloud can’t bear the light anymore. The shield is down, and you can see the light coming out slowly. You can see the rainbow forming itself in the person’s soul. And yes, it’s going to hurt again. But this time, it will be worth it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have shined so bright…