Puppies, aren’t they adorable?

12722109_10208075410190269_386662921_n (2)

I love puppies. I used to have one. And while I was drawing this, Dzeni was on my mind.

I used to have a puppy myself when I was 5 years old. I called her Dzeni. She wasn’t a dog with a pedigree. She was one of those street dogs, and I loved her so much. She was so adorable brown little creature, and had those sparkly eyes, that always look at you with question marks above. When I looked at her, if felt like she always wanted to ask me something. She used to stand in front of my room when I was asleep, and didn’t let anyone in. I used to torture her in a childlish way, to climb on her and make her run a lot, and always cuddle her, even when she’s tired. And she never got mad. Even though she sometimes didn’t like it at all. She was a puppy that every child would want. She wasn’t dalmatian, or golden retriever, but she was full of love and dedication towards me. She was so protective and caring, and oh, how much I loved her. I still believe  that there is such strong connection between a dog and a kid.

Even now, 15 years later, I still love her endlessly, and she always has a special place in my heart. I still remember our games like it was yesterday. She was a part of my life, and she left a special mark there.

While I drew this postcard, I was thinking about her. She looked like those two guys, with those big eyes and eyes full of questions. I miss her. So much! 


The Statue of Mercury – New York

US ljsweenes Statue of Mercury


Dear /u/ljsweenes,

I love this card! It shows New York in a totally different perspective. I have seen a lot of pictures, but I never seen this type of picture, and I love it! I think it is so unique and special, and such a small group of people would probably notice this in such perspective. Most of the people would probably pass by it. 

I wish you all the best,



Congratulations on probably not dying alone – India

India yosoypanda card.JPG

Dear /u/YoSoyPanda,

I love all your cards! This one is one of a kind. It is my first one to get, and I love it so much. I got your second card too, a while ago, and it wasn’t ruined like the first. I loved the drawings and the quote, and you shouldn’t worry and be sad because of the ruined one. I keep that one too, and they all mean so much to me. You are the only one that sends me cards from India, so I have to appreciate that too 🙂 

Thank you for the Congratulations card hehe 😀 Even though I don’t spend my day working, I do make some school projects, and yeah, it can be so boring and tiring sometimes, even when I love what I’m doing. Whenever I do some boring projects, I’ll keep this postcard close to me, so it can remind me that I’m not alone in this hehe

Thank you so much!



Summer Palace – China


China Dandan.JPG

Thanks to Dandan, and to the driect swap with him, I got this amazing card from Beijing, China.

It is a card from the long corridor in the Summer Palace, which is found in the 18th century and it is famous for its length (728m) with more than 14000 paintings on it.  I love how special that sounds, and it is a really hard work, if you think of it. Imagine all the time needed to construct this.

Dandan, I  am so glad you told me about your first  baby, which is now 4 months old, I guess? It is so lovely that she brought you so much happiness and became your angel. I felt the same exact thing when my sister was born. I was 7 years old then, but it was a new change to our life, and she made a huge impact on me. She still does 😀

Thank you so much!