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The Iron Man by Ted Hughes [BOOK REVIEW]

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I chose to read The Iron Man by Ted Hughes as part of my Potions prompt for my OWLs Readathon in April. I am very glad I picked it up, because it was such a pleasant short read. 

This is a Children’s book about a little boy an an iron man. The Iron Man starts eating all the metal in the town, and the concerned town members capture him. But when a bigger danger comes around, the might need the help of the Iron Man after all. 

The book was beautifully written and it had many illustrations that supported the story. Illustrations are always something I truly admire. These may have been a bit too grim for me though. 

The writing is very smooth and easy to digest. I believe that it is able to spark a child’s imagination and curiosity. The book is entangled in bravery, friendships and adventure, and I am certain that it will be a child’s dear friend forever, should they read it once. 

I recommend watching the 1999 animated movie The Iron Giant after reading the book, for better enjoyment. 

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