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Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

Hello, lovely people!
For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here. If you know me, you’ll know I have plenty of different non-bookish hobbies, and I swap often between them, depending on my mood. Most of them are creative, and they are in one way or another connected to books and art in general. Let’s dive in:

1. Solving Jigsaw Puzzles

My love for jigsaw puzzles started when I was a little girl, and I remember solving a 500 piece tiger jigsaw puzzle with my mum and dad. And since then, I just kept doing them whenever I could. My personal best is a tiger puzzle of 2000 pieces.

This is the 500 Pieces Tiger puzzle we did:

2. Sending Postcards

I am a member of Postcrossing for many years now. Although, I haven’t been sending too many postcards this year. I didn’t want to make the postal services even more busy than they already are. Postcrossing is a website where you make a profile, and you send postcards to random people around the world, as well as receive postcards from around the world. What I loved about Postcrossing the most was that you could pick a postcard to send based on a person’s profile and hope they like it. And at the same time, you never know what postcard you will receive next, and which country it will come from. This hobby started when I was in high-school in Macedonia, when I found out about Postcrossing. I was also lucky to live in a rare country where people wanted postcards from – so I could swap very easily. I am also a member of the Reddit Random Acts of Cards group as well!

3. Photography

A hobby that I keep personal and try to not share it too much, as it’s close to my heart. I have always loved capturing things on camera. It is one of the things I loved to do with my bestie who lives in Macedonia and is a professional photographer.

4. Karate / Working Out

I have practiced karate since I was a kid. My dad is a coach, and since I remember, I have been in the gym. During all these years, I have been through it all – everyday practices, national competitions, international competitions, European championships, quarantine and preparation with the national team. Since I moved to the UK, I have been practicing it on my own, for just myself. And this slowly turned into just working out sessions now, that I currently do at home and/or in my garden (depending on the weather).

5. Cooking

I love cooking as much as I love eating. My favorite is my own cuisine – the Macedonian cuisine. I always try to bake a lot of salty things and relive the foods that both my grandmas have made for me, as well as my mum. I also love experimenting with sauces and decorating cupcakes.

6. Crochet & Knitting

I started knitting and crochet this year, as part of an initiative from work. We were making granny squares for blankets to give elderly people and children in hospitals. Then the pandemic started and lockdown happened, and I started watching YouTube videos and working on small projects. This is a little turtle I made.

Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

7. Colouring Books

This hobby is actually connected to reading. I love listening to audiobooks and colouring. It’s a very peaceful hobby of mine, and I really am able to lose myself in it. I wasn’t doing it too often while I was working, but since I was home during the lockdown, I had more time to just sit and relax again.

8. Writing & Blogging

Even though I blog on my computer, I write all my book reviews and all my content in a notebook first. It’s a hobby that stayed with me through the years. I can express myself better if I have a pen and a paper before me. When I type it on my computer, it’s actually a second draft, and I know it’s ready to go out in the world.

9. Playing Video Games

It all started with my cousin. Me and him used to play so many video games together, every time he would come to visit, or I would come to visit him. And most of the time, we played together, but usually, I just enjoyed watching him play and enjoy the gameplay. Now, I am a casual gamer, even though there are days when I grind 5+ hours in ranked. Some of the games I love playing are: Overwatch, Rocket League, Assassin’s Creed (all games, even though Black Flag holds a special place in my heart), Stardew Valley, Terraria and many more.

Top Ten Tuesday: Non-Bookish Hobbies

10. Watching Movies & TV Shows

I love watching movies and TV Shows. I also love tracking my movies and episodes. You’re very likely to see me downloading a new tracking app. And only because the old one had a feature I didn’t like. PS: I currently use TV Time for TV Shows and it’s going well so far. However, I have yet to find a good app for tracking movies. If you know of any, I’d love your suggestions.

And there we have them – the Top Ten Tuesday non-bookish hobbies I have. Even though some of them are connected to books, so I’m only slightly cheating.

Let me know in the comments what your non-bookish hobbies are – I’d love to know. If you have your Top Ten Tuesday post about non-bookish hobbies, let me know!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Want To Read Based on the Cover

Hello, lovely people!
For all of you who don’t know what Top Ten Tuesday is, or don’t know how to get involved, click here.

I have to admit – I love this Top Ten Tuesday prompt. There has always been that time when you see a cover of a book, and you immediately pick it up, or add it to your Goodreads list, without even checking the synopsis. It has happened to me many times. Even though I always try to choose my books carefully, there are always those times when I just can’t resist.

1. Furyborn by Claire Legrand

From the moment I saw this book, I knew I had to read it. The cover is so beautiful and symmetrical. It has red and gold. It has a crown and a sword. And I don’t need to know anything else. My copy of this book also contains deckled edges, which is part of a very fun blog post I did recently, where I try to find books for a challenge. Check it out here.

2. The Illustrated Child by Polly Crosby

I love the art on this cover. The pink paint scattered behind the title. And the girl with the red hair that appears to be carefree and happy. It gives me good vibes, and I like it.

3. Wonderland by Juno Dawson

The neon style captured my attention straight away. Then, the rabbit reminded me of Playboy – I won’t lie. So I was intrigued. And then I read the title – which instantly corrected me that it was something to do with Alice in Wonderland. And I was sold.

4. The Flight by Julie Clark

I have a thing for planes and deserted islands. Perhaps I think it all started with the series “Lost”. I am the person that will watch plane crashes one hour before boarding a plane. That person that listens to plane crash podcasts – it’s me. So, unsurprisingly, when I spotted a plane and a beach, I had to request it from NetGalley.

5. Feathertide by Beth Cartwright

I love reading about the sea, and I love mermaids. I think this cover is beautiful and very artistic, and I couldn’t resist to add it to my TBR.

6. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik

The orange and brown combination, and the simplicity, but accuracy of the design is something I can’t resist. I immediately knew it was to do with magic, and I am ready. I will be reading A Deadly Education at the end of the month.

7. Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popović

I mean – just look at that cover! It’s so beautiful. Need I say more?

8. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The winter theme, the lovely warm cottage and the artistic style immediately gave it away for me that this is a Russian setting. And being Slavic, this theme is very familiar to me, and I am always drawn to it.

9. These Witches Don’t Burn by Isabel Sterling

Witchcraft, spiritual things, tarot reading are things I enjoy in my own time, for just myself, as it helps me relaxes and find my inner peace. When I saw this cover, I was immediately intrigued and interested.

10. Sea Witch by Sarah Henning

Sea, witches, possibly mermaids? Yes, please? The illustration is fantastic and I can already sense danger and mystery. Of all the books listed, I thing this one may be the one I am most excited to read.

And there we have them – the Top Ten Tuesday books I want to read, only based on the cover. I didn’t include their synopsis on purpose, because they might appeal to you as well based on just the cover. And if they intrigue you enough to search for them, maybe they should be your next read too. 🙂

Let me know in the comments some of the books you want to read based on the cover, or if you have read any of the books I mentioned above. And if you could choose one to read, which one would it be? If you have your own Top Ten Tuesday post, let me know – I would love to check it out!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Changes In My Reading Life

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Welcome to my first Top Ten Tuesday! This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since January 2018 Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I always love reading the Top Ten Tuesday posts from my favourite book bloggers, and have thought about starting it myself, but it was never the “perfect” time or the right prompt to kick off.

This Tuesday, I think the prompt is a great topic for my first post, and it will help you get to know me better.

I have been blogging for a couple of years now, but have started to blog about books around 2 years ago. During those 2 years, a lot has changed around my reading habits and my life in general.

1. I go to the library less often now

I used to go to the library quite often before I started blogging. But as soon as I started having monthly TBRs and being more organised about what I was reading, there is no need for me to go to the library and grab a random read anymore.

2. I used to love romance

I still love romance, but I think that other genres are more appealing to me now, such as YA Fantasy and Psychological Thrillers.

3.  I used to read more classics

I haven’t read many classics since I started blogging. And I think the reason is that I am still unsure on how I am supposed to rate them properly and give them the respect they deserve.

4. I read in public more often

As an introvert, I would usually stick to my comfy spot in my house when it comes to reading. But since I took on my blogging journey, I have been reading on trains, in coffee shops, parks and even shopping malls, and I have been enjoying every moment of it!

5. I rarely DNF books

It is very hard for me to give up on a book. I feel a responsibility to read at least half of the book, before being able to give any kind of feedback on it. This rarely happens though, because before I start reading a book, I have a look at the cover, synopsis and a couple of reviews to see whether it would be fit for my taste. This sort of eliminates a lot of possibility for me to not like it.

6. Tracking my reading

I used to read books and then forget about them. If I try to recall all the books I have read pre-blogging, I would not gather all titles. But try asking me now – I can tell you exactly what books I have read, when I read them, what rating I gave them and what my favourite quote was.

7. Social Media Usage and Making Friends

I have become much more active on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads, and I love sharing my reading progress and meeting people that share the same reading habits as I do. The book community is a special one!

8. I am picky about my format

Even though I read e-books and listed to audiobooks occasionally, paperback is and will always remain my preferred book format. There is something special about flipping pages and smelling the books that no amount of future technology will be able to replace.

9. I buy second-hand books

I tend to go to charity shops and buy second-hand books. It is a much cheaper way to get all the books you want, and there is always such a big variety of books to choose from. Sometimes, the book will find its way to you, and this has happened to me a lot during these treasure hunts. There are also times though, when I will treat myself and buy that shiny hardcover I have been wanting for ages.

10. I don’t re-read books

I don’t re-read books because I don’t see the point. Perhaps because I can always come back and read my review to help me remember what I felt. I see it as a pointless waste of time. And I know that some people’s opinions change after reading a book for the second time, and this can be true, but to me, I would rather leave my first opinion intact and not interfere with my first experience of reading a certain book.

Let’s Talk:

What reading habits have changed in your life over the years? I would love to hear your opinion on this topic!

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