A postcard from Finland!
It is not handmade (or maybe it is, but it doesn’t look so) but I love it! It is so unique and special, and the quote has become my motto these days. I am a happy person and even when I have my bad days, I tend to be happy, so people around me won’t realize I’m having problems. This postcard is my favorite right now. And it has a special place in my heart. Thank you Joni! You made me happy with this postcard!


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  1. Your blog, like this card, does spread happiness and love. Sometimes the card might be a little “homely” but feeling within it is what counts. After spending much time enjoying your blog, other than collecting and connecting with others through postcards, I believe the underlying motive of your “dream” is to spread happiness and love. Simple words that touch the heart, such as what you wrote on your cloud post, and the joy of simply enjoying cards that, even this “homely” one, are so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. And yes, you are so right. I love spreading love around and make other people happy, even with something small as a postcard, that can bring a lot of happiness and brighten up someone’s day. It is my goal to reach the souls to many people, and remind them that the small things are the one that matter, and they cannot be bought with money. 🙂

  2. Your reply left me, almost in shock, without words. Tears of joy building in my eyes, not from a sad cloud 🙂 Your dream is more than a dream. It is a reality. Your blog. The simple thoughts that you place with each card. They do make me happy and feel love. Your message on your cloud post really touched me. “Those sad people that won’t let us in their lives, that won’t let us see the light they have because of their shield, just like when the clouds cover the sun.” I hadn’t truly noticed but I have that shield. I try to express myself through my little attempts at art and share them.

    I noticed my shield because I saw how many followers you have and so few likes on your posts. I was skeptical. “Is this just a scam?” I thought.

    You have so many followers because you have reached out so far into the world. Maybe they don’t come to see the beautiful cards and messages you post, or simply don’t put a “like” on them, but do see and enjoy them. I don’t know. i do know in my heart that your reply is sincere and inspires me. I do have happiness, peace and love within me and I want to share these things with others, even if through a little art that expresses how I feel.

    The true thanks goes to you. Thank you, for being a light in the world. A light that has brightened my day, and possibly even my life in the sense that you have caused me to alter my path from seeking to giving. Your dream is a beautiful reality.

  3. Thank you for this lovely reply. You have no idea how much this means to me. I wrote the post with the cloud, because I feel like a cloud myself. I push people away from me, because I got hurt a lot. I don’t want people inside my life, because I am afraid, and then suddenly something happened, and I let a person inside, that taught me that there is more in life than fear.

    About the spam thing and the followers. My blog is connected to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media, and counts all of the friends I have there as followers here. I was surprised too. But I only have 20 people following me on WordPress. I actually started this blog in less then a week. Before that, I used Blogger (, and I transfered all the posts here.

    Thank you for bringing me joy these days with your comments. It’s always nice to hear that I made someone happy. It means so much to me! You made my day, and I am the one who should be thanking you, not the opposite.

    So, THANK YOU!

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