My experience as a member of /r/RandomActsofCards on reddit

If you are a person who loves sending and receiving postcards, and if you are a member of the postcrossing community, just like me and a lot of others, I think you will like this post. 
I have this passion for sending postcards and receiving them. The postcrossing community brings me a lot of joy since I started using it, but recently I am using reddit, and I am a member of RandomActsofCards and I can tell you, I made a lot of friends, received a lot of cards and it’s an amazing experience.
It is so simple. You need a reddit account, and you are ready to go. You can make offers for as many cards as you want to send, make a request, so people can send you cards, or make exchanges where you both send cards to each other. Any post you make, will bring you snail mail friends for sure, and we are so many out there, so you’ll be surprised how well you’ll be accepted right away.
The thing I love the most are the “Thank You” posts. When you receive a card, you thank the person that sent it, and you tell them what you liked the most. Isn’t it wonderful to open reddit and see a post from someone that received your card, saying how much they liked it? It’s an incredible feeling.
Why are you still waiting? Come and be our friend, and be happy while bringing happiness to others.
~ innahlovesyou

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