Quidditch Through The Ages – J. K. Rowling [BOOK REVIEW]

For every Harry Potter fan out there, there is a book in the fictional library, that somehow wizards allowed for it to be shared with us muggles.

Note: I am not a muggle, I am, of course, a wizard, but I believe Hogwarts has made some admin mistakes and my letter is yet due to arrive!

But for you muggles out there, this book has been approved to be shared, and it talks about the most famous sport in the wizarding world – Quidditch. A sport in which Harry Potter was a star, just like his father and many famous people before him!

Quidditch Through The Ages speaks about the rules of Quidditch, the history, the famous teams around the world, the most famous players, the most exciting matches, the most devastating injuries, and the most mysterious endings of the matches.

While I was listening to it (Yes, I have the audible version – actually the second audio book I have ever read/listened to), this book made me feel like I was a part of this world, the same feeling I always get when I read the Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling is such an amazing writer, and times and times again, I wish this world was real, and I wish I was part of it.

With my audio version, I also got the bonus scenes of the 2014 World Cup being held, and it being reported by Ginny Potter and Rita Skeeter. It was the most amazing thing ever. It is also taken out from the Pottermore edition, so I think you might be able to find it online!

This book belongs to the never-forgettable shelf, alongside Harry Potter, and alongside all my other favourite books!

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16 thoughts on “Quidditch Through The Ages – J. K. Rowling [BOOK REVIEW]

  1. I am such a huge Harry Potter fan! I have this book, along with many others surrounding the Wizarding World. I love this book, honestly I love them all. I have this and Fantastic Beasts (school Book) on my Kindle, on Audible and physical copies.

    1. I love this book too! I have the Cursed Child, but still don’t have Fantastic Beasts (I have read it though, I just don’t own a copy). 😀

  2. I have been after a physical copy of this for years! You have done a brilliant job with the review. I can’t believe Ginny did the commentary with Rita, though 😛

    PS: Since I am a muggle born I always assumed that my letter was destroyed by Voldemort.

  3. Bought this in a two book set as a kid, loved fantastic beasts and little more because I love animals. But ouved how written in this one was

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