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The Last Titan – Craig Wainwright [BOOK REVIEW]

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A whole new alien world, with fresh new characters and unique superpowers, this is a refreshing adventure read.

This is a story about Daniel – a normal guy that lives on Earth. Well, normal apart from the fact that he is on the run from the government and a local gangster. This is also a story about Andromeda, who comes to Earth, and tell Daniel he’s an alien and has superpowers – and it’s her job to train him and protect him.

A story and a world where silver can hurt you, and incredible strength is a thing, this was such a refreshing read for me.

Craig has mastered the art of scene and character descriptions, and I can’t resist but share with you his description of Daniel:

‘He was six foot seven inches tall, with a well-defined, lithe, athletic physique. Always clean shaven and well presented, with short, closely cropped, light brown hair and a rosy tinge to his flawless complexion…’

I loved how Daniel’s character developed in what he became, but his mindset didn’t really change throughout the book. And on the contrary – Andromeda’s character progress stays the same, but she matures gradually after each chapter.

And as a pair, both of them keep the balance in the book so perfectly even, it’s so satisfying to read those parts.

This book will introduce you to a new world on another planet, new cities and clans, and superpowers, and types of ruling. This book is the Game Of Thrones in space.

If you love adventure books, and alien invasions, and new worlds, and of course, superpowers, then go ahead and give this book a chance. You won’t be disappointed!

I am so glad I had the chance to be among the first ones to read this story. Thanks to the author, Craig Wainwright, who sent me a copy of this book, in exchange for my honest review

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17 thoughts on “The Last Titan – Craig Wainwright [BOOK REVIEW]

  1. This is not my type of book ( though I will recommend it to one of my sons who would like it) I did enjoy your review.

  2. Thanks for sharing the 4-1-1 on this book. You gave us your view of it without revealing key plot points (which pulls me in without spoiling it for me). Thanks for giving me yet another book to add to my beach reading list. 📚

  3. Great review, this is the first time I actually seen or heard about this book until now and it totally looks and sounds absolutely amazing and right my alley too boot. Plus I love books with alien invasions in them, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

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