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Down The TBR Hole #21

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Hello guys! Happy Saturday!

This time, it seems we have a lot of steamy titles, but will I keep them? Let’s go and see.

How it works:

❤ Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
❤ Order on ascending date added.
❤ Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books.
❤ Read the synopsis of the books.
❤ Decide: keep it or should it go


Here’s the next patch:

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Oh, I have erotica here.. And a second book of a ”series”? Nope.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

Of Myth and Magick by M.E. Brines

I have always loved these types of books, and I think this one should stay, as I will enjoy it.

Verdict: KEEP  ☑

Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light? by Drac Von Stoller

I love horror stories, but this one has so many bad reviews, so I’ll pass.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs (31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead Book 4) by Drac Von Stoller

Same author as above, so no point in keeping one if I got rid of the other.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

The Werewolf Proposal (New Moon Wolves, #1.5) by Michelle Fox

Another erotica, and a 1.5 of a series? And the cover is steamy… But will I ever buy book 1? No. Should I keep book 1.5? No. Well, that was easy. Thank you, next. 

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

Saved By The Bear by Mercy May

Another steamy book – eep… Still getting rid of it.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

Find Her, Keep Her (Love in the USA, #1) by Z.L. Arkadie

This is a contemporary romance, but the reviews are bad. Not sure if I will pick it up, to be quite honest with you…

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

Titanic 1912: The original news reporting of the sinking of the Titanic by Ken Rossignol

I have always been intrigued by real-life mysteries, and the sinking of Titanic has been always a little gem for me. I should really get to this book, because I know I will enjoy it!

Verdict: KEEP  ☑ 

Beneath This Mask (Beneath, #1) by Meghan March

This one is a MAYBE. I will let you guys decide on this – shall I keep it, or should it go?

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

Love’s Unfading Light (Eagle Harbor #1) by Naomi Rawlings

Christian fiction is not for me, sorry.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

flower-divider-flower-dividers-clip-art-flowers-line-divider-stock-vector-illustration-of-elegantWe only kept 2 books and removed 8 this time. My TBR is getting back on track.

Which books would you keep or remove? Please let me know in the comments – I love reading your comments and thoughts! 

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