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Hi Everyone! I have new set of books this weekend, and I can’t wait to decide whether I’m keeping or removing them.

Welcome to the 35th edition of my Down The TBR Hole Posts.

How Down the TBR Hole works: 

❤ 1. Go to your Goodreads to-read shelf.
❤ 2. Order on ascending date added.
❤ 3. Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books.
❤ 4. Read the synopsis of the books.
❤ 5. Time to Decide: keep it or should it go

Here’s the next patch:

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

This doesn’t seem like something I would enjoy right now. I am letting it go.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I am not sure. I am like, yes, and then no. And when I doubt, there is only one choice – it has to go. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have doubted in the first place.

Verdict: REMOVE ✖

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, #1) by L. J. Smith

I loved, loved, loved the TV Show when it aired a couple of years ago. And I remember then how bad I wanted to have and read the books. I still don’t have them, and I still haven’t read them, but I will. I definitely will do soon.

Verdict: KEEP ☑

A Clash of Kings (A Song of Ice and Fire, #2) by George R. R. Martin

The glorious ”A Song Of Ice and Fire”! I own the whole collection, and need to read it ASAP! Did you guys watched the last season of the TV Show of Game of Thrones? What a disappointing ending is all I’ll say. Let me know in the comments what you thought. No Spoilers, of course 😉

Verdict: KEEP ☑ 

Ash Princess (Ash Princess Trilogy #1) by Laura Sebastian

I will definitely read this one, and soon. I love everything about it, and the book cover I have also has a little gap in the middle, so you can actually see where the fire is carved. Amazing!

Verdict: KEEP ☑

Looking for Alaska by John Green

I love reading John Green. He always sets me in such a chill mood, thinking about my life. I own this one and it’s sitting on my shelves. Should I pick it up soon?

Verdict: KEEP ☑

FantasticLand by Mike Bockoven

A violent book that is a mix of The Hunger Games and Battle Royale. I want it! So bad…

Verdict: KEEP ☑

The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2) by Holly Black

I loved The Cruel Prince so much, and I still don’t know how in the world I still don’t own The Wicked King. I need it!!!

Verdict: KEEP ☑

Alexander: Child of a Dream (Aléxandros, #1) by Valerio Massimo Manfredi

As a Macedonian, Alexander the Great is a proud part of my history, and I have always admired what he did while he was so young. I have read ”Spartan” by the same author and fell in love with the style of writing. When I found out this series existed, I knew I had to read it!

Verdict: KEEP ☑

Alienated: Grounded At Groom Lake by Jeff Norton

An interesting children’s book of alien high-school. I won this as a giveaway and will definitely be reading it soon!

Verdict: KEEP ☑

flower-divider-flower-dividers-clip-art-flowers-line-divider-stock-vector-illustration-of-elegantI only removed 2 books this time. When it comes to genres I love, I have a weakness. I currently have 370 books on my TBR list. This is how my TBR list looks now.

Which books would you keep or remove? Let me know in the comments.


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