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Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare – Blog Tour

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I was lucky enough to be approached by LoveReading to review and join the blog tour for The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare. Starting today, and posting every Wednesday, you will get to see what I thought about this series.

Series: The Dark Artifices

  1. Lady Midnight
  2. Lord Of Shadows
  3. Queen of Air and Darkness

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Welcome back to a whole new series about the Shadowhunter world. If you haven’t read the Mortal Instruments, you will find this book full of spoilers on what happened before. You could still read it, though, but you will miss a lot of hidden gems throughout the book. I will try not to spoil a lot, but please proceed at your own risk 🙂

Lady Midnight is set in a time frame when the Mortal Instruments ends. This is a story about Emma, a fierce warrior who lost her parents in the war. This is also a story about her parabatai, Julian, and all the things he would do to protect his family.

A parabatai is your partner in battle. A parabatai is your best friend. Parabatai can be everything to each other – but they can never fall in love.

Emma was, without a doubt, my ultimate favourite character in this book. 

She is fierce and strong and always puts others before herself. Even though she has been through a lot, she uses that pain and channels it to keep going forward. She also never gives up and trusts her gut. She would give everything for the people she loves, even if it kills her.

I also loved Julian and how he was presented as the father figure in his siblings’ lives. After losing both parents, and his two elder siblings, he takes responsibility and grows so fast, realising that since his older brother is gone, he will have to wear the burden and raise his siblings on his own.

All great movies are about love. Love lost, found, destroyed, regained, bought, sold, dying, and being born. I love movies, but they’ve forgotten what they’re about. Explosions, effects, that wasn’t what it meant when I first got here. It was about lighting cigarette smoke so it looked like heavenly fire and lighting women so they looked like angels.

When the Sealies visit and make an offer to release Julian’s brother, Mark, for a price, Julian and Emma can’t refuse. It feels as if history keeps repeating itself and if you have read the previous books, you will know what I mean. Mark has been captured by the Sealie court when the war ended, and he has spent what seems like an eternity with them, forgetting who he really is.

While Emma tries to uncover the mystery of her parent’s murder, Mark is trying to decide whether he wants to stay with his Shadowhunter family that he barely knows or go back with the Wild Hunt and be together with the love of his life.

Cassandra Clare’s writing is absolutely incredible and even though the book is almost 700 pages long, I read it so quickly. I loved coming back to this world and I loved how fast-paced it was.

This book is all about love and I CAN’T even express my feelings on how happy I was when I was reading. So many emotions and pure sparks floating around. It was magical. Just like Magnus Bane’s cameo. Yes guys – he did appear – with all his sass. It was incredible.

When you love someone, they become a part of who you are. They’re everything you do. They’re in the air you breathe and the water you drink and the blood in your veins. Their touch stays on your skin and their voice stays in your ears and their thoughts stay in your mind. You know their dreams because their nightmares pierce your heart and their good dreams are your dreams too. And you don’t think they’re perfect, but you know their flaws, the deep-down truth of them, and the shadows of all their secrets and they don’t frighten you away; in fact you love them more for it, because you don’t want perfect. You want them…

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cassandra clare lady midnight the dark artifices shadowhunter love reading book books review diaryofdifference diary of difference lord of shadows queen of air and darkness

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  1. This sounds a fascinating book but I must go off and read the prequel you mentioned before I read this so I can get the full benefit of the hidden gems you mentioned. Great review.

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