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November 2019 – Monthly Book Wrap Up

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Welcome to the November Book Wrap Up!

I can’t believe it’s December already! I am so excited for Christmas, and the New Year, and all the bright and shiny lights! Everyone is in a happy spirit, and I think that November and December are my favourite months in the year. 

November was busy for me. I was off for a week, but didn’t manage to read too much. Hopefully, I am going to read more books in December.

I read 5 books in total. I ended up giving two 5-star ratings and three 4-star ratings. Quite a positive month, it seems 🙂

Books I read in November:

~ To read my review – click on the book titles! 🙂

november 2019 monthly book wrap up book books blog blogging reading goodreads netgalley diary of difference

1. I’ll Be Home for Christmas by Abbey Clancy – ★★

I was so lucky to be able to be part of the blog tour for I’ll Be Home for Christmas. It is amazing for a start of the Christmas mood. Be prepared for some drama, a bit of romance and get ready to choose sides.

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2. Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano – ★★

Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano is one of the few books that instantly captures your heart, then shatters it into hundred pieces and teaches you many life lessons at the same time. This is now a favorite of mine and I will keep it in my heart forever!

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3. The Temple House Vanishing by Rachel Donohue – ★★

Twenty-five years ago, a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl and her charismatic teacher disappeared without trace…

The Temple House Vanishing left me with a tiny scar in my soul after reading it. It is intriguing and mysterious, it is real and delusional. The next time when I mention a special mystery, with a cruel end – this will be the first book that pops in my mind.

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4. Death in the Dojo by Sue Leather –

I remember reading The Death in the Dojo a few years ago. I still remember the story and the feelings it brought me. This is a story about a mystery, about karate and the love between a daughter and her dad. I need to just say that this book has and always will have a special place in my heart. 

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5. Her Crown of Fire (Molten Crown, #1) by Renee April –

Her Crown of Fire is the first book of the Molten Crown series.

Rose Evermore is a girl trying to survive high-school. But she suddenly has dreams that can predict the future and she seems to be able to control fire.

Curious about the power she possesses, she finds herself in the fantasy realm of Lotheria with her best friend Tyson. When she arrives, she is welcomed as a fire mage at the academy, while Tyson is forced to hide in order to survive.

With a lot of plot twists and new power discoveries, Rose and Tyson are in trouble and have to find a way back home.

I enjoyed this book, and I loved the characters.

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And that is my November Wrap up! How did your November go? How many books did you read? Let me know! I love reading your comments! 

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