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Multiverse by David Winship [BOOK REVIEW]

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Multiverse is a collection of poems as well as short paragraphs that take on interesting topics and thought-provoking scenarios of our life. 

After reading Multiverse, I cannot say for certain whether he is being arrogant or brave. I am still undecided as to whether I love or hate his style of writing. There is something very intriguing about his writing; sometimes he makes me smirk, and sometimes his words trigger me. 

“In a democracy, shouldn’t there be room for those who don’t want a fair society?”

Even though I appreciate the style this book was written in, and the way the topics are being expressed, I am not in awe of how bombshells are dropped and then he proceeds to move on to a different subject. 

Following up on this, I would also like to note the poem “Forsaking the Poppy”, where the author opens us the suggestion of declining to wear a poppy. The thought process behind it is that this could be seen as synonymous with racism and chauvinism. 

One thing is certain though. 

This book will definitely leave an impact on you, whether good or bad. And it will prompt a discussion, or at least spark a bit of curiosity on various topics that are relevant in today’s world. 

I recommend it to all curious minds out there. It may not be your cup of tea, but you never know. As for me, I like books that either make me feel good or learn something, so i will end this review with something I learnt from this book: 

“According to ancient Japanese culture, the Sakura tree represents the beauty and fragility of life, reminding us that things in life are incredibly precious but also tragically ephemeral.” 

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