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Wonder by R.J. Palacio [BOOK REVIEW]

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Wonder is the first book since The Notebook to make me cry to sleep. So sad, emotional and powerful, this is a book everyone needs to be aware of.

August is a young boy that has a health condition, which is why his face looks different than other people’s faces. But he is just as normal and ordinary as any other kid.

When his parents decide it is time for him to go to school instead of being home-schooled, he is afraid. Because children are honest, and sometimes unintentionally mean,

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.”

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💙 I had Wonder by R.J. Palacio on my shelf for a very long time, and I finally managed to read it. Right after I read it, I also watched the movie as well. When I finished the movie, it was 4am, and I wasn't even upset! . 💙 Wonder is one of those books that bring out all emotions and make you wonder how kind you are, and what kind of person you really are, when nobody is watching. Following the life of Auggie, we learn that people are not always kind, sometimes intentionally but more often not-intentionally. Either way, it hurts people. But reading about Auggie's story, it fills me with hope that there are still amazing people out there that would still choose kind over other things. . 💙 My favourite character was Jack Will and I think he deserved to receive the award at graduation day! He is a true friend and a real MVP.

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During this book, we see August’s point of view, his daily life and making friends with Jack and Summer. We also get to meet some not as nice kids, being mean to August. However, we see the story from other people’s point of view, which I found quite interesting. Via’a point of view, for example, was quite insightful.

Being August’s sister is not easy.

Especially when dealing with other high-school drama too. Via is in a situation where her relationship with her parents is suffering because of the attention they pay at August. And even though we can clearly see her endless love for him and her mindfulness of priority, we can also notice her need for attention and love as well.

We also see the point of views of his friends Jack and Summer, as well as Via’s ex best-friend. These are all people that August has an impact on, and we can clearly see how they care about him, and how they are battling the society together with him as well. Through August’s friendships, we learn so much about the type of person August is, what he is going through on a daily basis, and also, what kind of people his friends are, and what they are prepared to do for him.

The inspiring thing about this book is August.

For how he helps the people around him to be better versions of themselves. His resilience and positivity, despite the hard life he is currently having and knows he’ll have for the rest of his life. August is so precious and innocent, and the moment the other children start to realise this as well is so emotional and magical. 

Wonder by R.J. Palacio is just a book that is here to remind us to be kind and to be humble. A book I highly recommend to everyone. I also recommend the movie as well, but only after you have read the book. 

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