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The Last One: JFK Returns by Mary F. Carruthers [BOOK REVIEW]

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The Last One: JFK Returns by Mary F. Carruthers is a story where JFK returns to Earth as another person, in hopes to find his true killer. 

JFK is coming back from heaven, and on this mission he is assisted by other angels as well, who take the bodies of other characters.

Disguised as a bestselling author, he starts to dig into who was actually responsible for his death. 

My Thoughts: 

The only good thing about this book was that it was short and I read it in a day. Aside from this, everything else was executed poorly. 

Firstly, the proofreading and editing had issues of their own, as well as the print. When Chapter 11 has a different font, font size and spacing than Chapter 12, it makes me think that this book was perhaps a draft that got published by mistake. I know that this might not bother some of readers out there, but it did bother me throughout the book.

The story itself was emotionless. I didn’t even want to know whether JFK will find out the truth. Furthermore, during the story, we find out that some of the evil people are not alive and have returned, same as JFK did. However, we never got to any explanations on this, their motive, their reasoning, their “why”. The story felt very rushed throughout the whole book. 

I would like to not that as I am not quite familiar with the history of the US, I am not sure whether any characters had any historical symbolism to the actual history of JFK, or if any references were made in this particular manner. 

I was very disappointed to find out in the end that there is supposed to be a part 2, where we actually find out how this ends and who the killer was. My disappointment lies in the fact that the cover of the book has no indication that this is a part of a series. I will, therefore, not be reading the rest of the story. I cannot recommend this book. 

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