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Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

I bought a whole bundle of books about The Avengers, believing that they’re graphic novels. They are, in fact, series to support children in developing their reading habits. So I thought to myself, this would be a perfect opportunity to share them here, and perhaps it will be your child that it may help.

There are 14 books in this bundle, and the theme of these books are The Avengers and the Marvel Universe. The books are split into three levels (Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 – in which I’ll go in more details below), and they all encourage young readers to read more. The books are published by DK publishing. I have included images and purchase links where it was possible. These books came in a bundle, and many aren’t on the website. Don’t forget to check the official DK website, to find out more titles that match the level preference.

The child will read about the heroes, their back stories, their abilities and their biggest enemies. The writing is simple and concise, supported with images. Almost every page has a special part that is separated from the main paragraphs, including “special important information” about the hero/villain etc. This is a nice way to break long paragraphs and to intrigue the readers. Also, at the end of each book, there is a glossary page, and occasional quiz or additional fascinating facts.

Level 2 – Beginning To Read

A child should:
be able to recognize a bank of common words quickly and be able to blend sounds together to make some words.
be familiar with using beginner letter sounds and context clues to figure out unfamiliar words.
sometimes correct his/her reading if it doesn’t look right or make sense.
be aware of the need for a slight pause at commas and a longer one at full stops.

Spider-Man: Worst Enemies by Catherine Sanders (L2)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Meet Spider-Man’s worst enemies and what makes them so powerful and dangerous. Here you’ll find the Green Goblin, Venom, doctor Octopus, the Scorpion, Electro, the Lizard and many more.

Marvel: Ultimate Villains by Cefn Ridout (L2)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

In this book, you will find many famous and not so famous villains that our heroes fight against, such as Loki, Red Skull and Madame Hydra. You’ll also find the names of some villainous teams and locations.

Purchase Links:
Amazon UK | Amazon US

Level 3 – Beginning to Read Alone

A child should:
be able to read many words without needing to stop and break them down into sound parts.
read smoothly, in phrases and with expression, and at a good pace.
self-correct when a word or sentence doesn’t sound right or doesn’t make sense.

The Avengers: Avengers Assemble by Victoria Taylor (L3)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Learn more about the Avengers, and meet the heroes. These are the stories of Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, the Incredible Hulk, Ant-Man and many more.

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Amazon UK | Amazon US

Marvel: Amazing Powers by Catherine Saunders (L3)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Get ready to find out more about the powers of both the heroes and the villains. This book also contains information such as how the Avengers were formed and how the Civil War happened. I found that slightly off topic, but it was an interesting read.

Purchase Links:
Amazon UK | Amazon US

Iron-Man: Friends and Enemies by Michael Teitelbaum (L3)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Welcome to Iron Man’s world. Find out more about Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, how he became Iron Man and who are his friends and enemies. My favorite story was the one with his chauffeur.

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Amazon UK

Level 4 – Reading Alone

A child should:
be able to read independently and silently for extended periods of time.
read aloud fluently, with expression, with the listener in mind.
respond to what they are reading with an enquiring mind.
be discriminating about what they like to read and what they don’t, and be able to explain the reasons why.

The Avengers: Amazing Superpowers by Matt Forbeck (L4)

Meet The Avengers and get familiar with their superpowers. There are also some awesome facts, like Hawkeye’s different arrows and Iron Man’s different suits.

Spider-Man: Terrible Foes by Simon Hugo (L4)

Books About The Avengers To Help Your Child Read More

Spider-Man has many enemies, and he has fought thousands of battles with them. In this book, we will meet them and find out more about who they are, what are their superpowers and why they hate Spidey.

Spider-Man: Super Origins by Simon Hugo (L4)

You probably already know how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. However, it’s never a bad time for a little reminder. There were some details in this book that even I have forgotten about.

Spider-Man: Spidey’s World by Simon Hugo (L4)

Meet Spidey like you’ve never met him before. If you were ever curious about how Spider-Man made his suit, this is the book that will spill the beans. Find about his professional career, from photography to teaching and working in a lab.

Spider-Man: The Story of Spider-Man by Michael Teitelbaum (L4)

A book which tells the story of Spider-Man, but in a different way. This book has dialogues as well as a comic book style images. For young readers, this book will give the “original Spider-Man” vibe, and you’ll feel as if you’re reading a comic book.

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The Avengers: Join the team by Matt Forbeck (L4)

Have you ever thought of joining The Avengers and being part of their team? This book will tell you all you need to be able to join. It will also introduce you to some less-known heroes too, and how they became part of the squad.

The Avengers: Heroes in Action by Alistair Dougall (L4)

Do you know what The Avengers Charter is? Find out the rules that The Avengers must agree to respect before they join the team. Also read about some interesting battles, such as the battle between Red Skull and Captain America.

The Avengers: Origins of the Avengers by Simon Hugo (L4)

Meet the Avengers team in even more depth and find a special media snippet of the Daily Bugle, from the moment Captain America was discovered in the ice.

The Avengers: Enemies Beware by Simon Hugo (L4)

We all know our heroes, but who are the Avenger’s enemies? Find out some of the scariest villains the team had to fight against.

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