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After We Collided (After #2) by Anna Todd [BOOK REVIEW]

After We Collided (After #2) by Anna Todd [BOOK REVIEW]


We have gathered here today, because I somehow ended up loving After by Anna Todd, despite some issues I came across. And naturally, I had to continue with the series and read After We Collided. This review may contain spoilers from the first book, so if you’re new to this series I suggest you check out THIS REVIEW of After instead.


After Hardin did something terrible to Tessa, and the first book ending with an obvious cliff-hanger, we start where we left off. Tessa is upset and angry, and both her and Hardin are living separate lives, therefore the After We Collided title. But even though in their separate worlds, they still miss each other, and can feel that void every second of the day.

When a couple of random (or maybe not so random) circumstances bring them back to each other’s lives, it’s time for a test. A test of their love, their trust for each other, and their ability to grow in this relationship.

Is Hardin really sorry for what he’s done, and is he ready to change? Does Tessa loves and trusts Hardin enough to fully forgive him and give him another chance?

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I enjoyed the first book way more! Perhaps it was due to the fact that I expected both Tessa and Hardin to grow as characters, but they didn’t. At least not as a couple. They acted as if they haven’t learned anything from what happened before. And in After We Collided there was way less drama compared to the first book, which I felt was missing. Mostly, I expected more from Hardin. He was behaving like a small child (again) that didn’t get his pudding after dinner. And Tessa being Tessa, allowed for him to come into her life again and keep hurting her.

However, all things considered, their relationship is what a typical teenage relationship is all about. Lots of drama, jealousy, tears, words said without meaning, battle of the egos and lack of communication. The only part I still don’t like is how Tessa is presented to be unable to have a normal and happy life if Hardin is not in it. No, Tessa, you don’t need a man to be happy. Well, apparently, you do.

I liked everything else though.

The part where we meet Hardin’s mum. I really love that woman, and she’s probably the best side character in the books so far. The babysitting and Hardin bonding with the little kiddo. I even loved the scenes when Tessa was at work. Even the scenes with Trevor. I quite like him, and would love to read more about him.

Even though Tessa and Hardin couldn’t grow as a couple, they did grow a bit as individuals. I am quite excited for book 3 – After We Fell, and I will probably read it very soon. I am very invested in this relationship now, and I really hope the next book will make me believe in #Hessa a little bit more. Right now, I am not so convinced they are meant for each other. And as always, big thanks to my sister, for sharing her After series with me, without the need to bribe me (yet).

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