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The Guilty Wife by Nina Manning [BOOK REVIEW]

The Guilty Wife by Nina Manning [BOOK REVIEW]

The Guilty Wife (also known as Her Darkest Fear) by Nina Manning was an interesting and mysterious read. I just feel that it didn’t do quite enough to really impress me.

The Guilty Wife by Nina Manning [BOOK REVIEW]

Pages: 334

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Format I read it in: Paperback

Rating: ★★★

My Thoughts:

Frankie Keegan lost her brother 20 years ago. And every year around that date, the memories start creeping into her life. Her life at home with her husband and kids is on the rocks and she’s trying to be successful in her new job. And as if that isn’t enough, it appears that someone else also remembers the date, and they will make sure to let Frankie know this…

Even though the Guilty Wife kept me intrigued whilst reading it, I never felt that heart-stopping, wow moment. It’s quite hard to choose between 3 and 4 stars, but I’m going with a 3-star rating for a couple of reasons. There were a lot of things that remained a mystery and never got revealed, unless I missed the reveal somehow. Nothing was said about the nanny’s weird behaviour. Also, there was a certain number being mentioned throughout the book that held some meaning, but we never understand the meaning. The last 20 pages were where the big reveal happened. And to me, these pages were an info dump of everything that happened in the past. As soon as I started reading it, I knew exactly what person was involved. But at the same time, I couldn’t have guessed it because not enough clues were revealed before the reveal. 

And finally, I couldn’t agree with Frankie’s decisions in the end. I personally didn’t enjoy the epilogue stages of the book.

Aside from the negatives, The Guilty Wife kept me intrigued from the very first page until the very end. I enjoyed the mystery and the constant change of potential culprits, until it got ruined by the reveal. I would still recommend this book if you want to go on a journey of grief, friendships, old loves lost and a sprinkle of mystery!

About The Author:

Nina Manning began her career in the catering industry. She has worked as a private chef cooking for royalty and TV personalities.

She has a degree in Psychology and has three books published with Boldwood: The Daughter In Law, The Guilty Wife and The House Mate.
Her fourth Psychological thriller is published in Spring 2021.

Nina is a voracious reader of many genres, is the founding member of a long standing book club and the founder and co-host of a book podcast called Sniffing The Pages.

She is a mother to three young children so when she is not writing or reading she can usually be found scaling a soft play tower or romping in the woods with the family and her chocolate Labrador.

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