A Letter From Austria That Melt My Heart

Yes, I know, I said a letter…

But to me, it’s a card, and a letter inside. It has so many words, and I posted the picture of the text, just so you can see. It’s something in between, but I don’t get many letters, so why not? It’s a letter to me! 😀

A Letter From Austria

MissSweetLady answered my question about her childhood. I asked her to tell me a little bit more about her childhood memories, and there she is, writing a lot about it!

I loved her story about her grandmother, even though it is a little bit sad, but those moments are the ones that change us as a person and make us grow and realize things.

Sometimes, I wish I could always stay a kid.

Like Peter Pan!

Thank you, MissSweetLady, for the wonderful letter.

Tap your feet to the funky beat – Australia

Thanks to Shennae, I got this funny and cute and adorable postcard. It’s such a joy to see a colorful postcard, and a legs with blue shoes and pink socks hehe. It also has a very beautiful stamp of the Queen of England.



Postcard from Austria!

I adore this card from Austria. The bird, and the empty room, just amazing.



Lovely poem from Australia

Thanks to /u/designingwoman , I received ” Clancy of the Overflow” from Banjo Paterson.
I loved it, and I find it amazing! 




Postcard from Gundagai, Australia

Postcard from Gundagai, Australia
Thanks to Designingwoman, I got this amazing card. It has pictures of a hotel and a theatre and I love the architecture. It’s really unique. Thank you so much!